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Things You Should Know About The Face Mask

In the modern world, we face an unprecedented number of health risks lurking behind every corner. Airborne viruses, bacteria, pollutants and toxins, genetically modified insects… all this makes us much more susceptible to disease than our ancestors. We take pills to keep cholesterol under control, wash fruits and vegetables to eat them with pesticides, wear masks when travelling by plane or breathing polluted air… but how about a mask for your face? Or what if you’re allergic to most types of masks? Well, there is still one way – a simple but very effective way – to protect yourself and your close ones from flu, colds or even flu pandemic.

Prevents spreading germs

They didn’t know back then that they were using masks wrongly, which meant the spread of the disease got to new levels. The main objective of surgical masks was to prevent spreading germs from one patient to another, and in a way doctors were right: when the flu virus hits one patient, it isn’t airborne, which means that it would not travel around. If a mask protects the next patient, it was less likely to get infected. On the other hand, there was an opposite end of this theory.

Protection at its best

More and more people buy face masks in Australia every month since the inception of coronavirus. A recent study conducted by specialists at the University of Queensland in Australia demonstrated that wearing a surgical mask when exposed to high-risk environments can reduce the risk of infection by as much as 60%. At home, about 80% of air pollutants are inhaled. Also, household dust mites, pollen or other allergens do not help this figure.


A team of researchers has found that the common surgical masks worn by most hospital staff and non-healthcare workers are effective in reducing the risk of contracting influenza. Their study published in the American Journal of Infection Control revealed that the surgical masks reduced the emission of big viral droplets by 25 folds.

A new study finds that surgical masks are highly effective against large respiratory droplets — so much so that if there’s no face-to shower available, they should be your go-to choice. However, the study’s findings — which were published in a recent issue of Science Translational Medicine— suggest that they’re not good for preventing transmission of viruses that are spread by tiny, airborne particles.

Other safety measures

I think it is important to disinfect your hands as often as you can. This is to prevent the re-infection of norovirus. Apart from this, you may want to wash your hands more frequently. This is important because your hands may transmit the virus to your body through your mouth, nose or eyes.

Wash your hands more frequently. This is important as your hands may transmit the virus to your body through your mouth, nose or eyes. If you are not free from the symptoms, please go to the nearest hospital and get treated. Do more good deeds to relieve the stress.