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Step into 2021 With Brand New Hair

It’s a new year! Time for a new you. Like many of us, you are probably making new year’s resolutions and cultivating plans to really stick with them this year. After the headache of 2020, a lot of people are probably planning to get out more when the world reopens and experience things they have always wanted to but never did. Have you thought about your hair game for 2021? 

New Hair, Who Dis? 

Obviously, we won’t be shaving our heads and starting 2021 with a whole new head of hair. While some of us lean heavily on hair extensions to change up our look, not everyone takes that route. Either way you go about it is okay (except for shaving it all off, that’s not okay!) and we’re here to give you some tips about Você hair care products that will help with the new looks you try in 2021.

Dry shampoo has become super popular in the last few years. It’s basically a quick and easy way to “wash” your hair without the use of water. A good ingredient to look for is rice starch since it absorbs dirt and oil. Você dry shampoo is good for the woman (or man) who is always on the go but frequently in need of a good shampooing. 

Anti-frizz is definitely a necessity when changing up your look. Also, for a routine day! When buying this product, look for ingredients such as panthenol, argan oil, vitamin B, and soy protein. It’s also useful to find an anti-frizz that comes as a spray. This makes it a more versatile product. You can either spray some into your hands and use your fingertips to make sure the solution covers your hair from root to tip BEFORE styling or you can use it as a spray to control frizz AFTER styling. 

Is it Getting Hot in Here? 

When you are thinking about your new hair for 2021, keep in mind that using heated styling tools such as hot combs, curling wands, or flat irons, it’s always a good idea to use some kind of protectant for your hair. 

Leave-in conditioners with wheat protein are very good for your hair when you frequently use a heated styling tool. It’s really simple to use when you buy it in the spray form. Just it on your hair (after towel drying it) and comb it through from root to tip. 

Another good way to protect your hair from the heat is to use a thermal heat mist on your hair. A heat protecting mist can be used on wet or dry hair. A good one will protect your hair up to 450 degrees and contains argan oil for hydration and panthenol for a glossy shine. 

Of course, if you want to avoid heat altogether, you can always recreate some “beach waves” no matter where you are or the season. A good beach wave mist has ingredients such as Mallow flower, lemon peel, Burdock Root extract, soy protein, pomegranate, and red wine extracts. These ingredients work together to condition your hair and improve flexibility. To use a beach wave mist, you simply take small sections of damp hair, apply the mist and then blow-dry. For more waviness, twist the hair around itself and away from your face. 


Now you have some tips to get out there and flaunt your most gorgeous hair in 2021. Just remember the basics from Você: a good shampoo (regular or dry), a vitamin-rich leave-in conditioner, and a spray version of a heat protectant unless you plan to use a mist that produces beachy waves!