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4 Most Common Problems of Moving and Relocation Consulting Services

Speaking of residential removals, the majority of the occasions end without any incident and the variable that always appears in a successful moving service is the timely information. So it is important to consider that the information flows and never skimp on asking or providing all the necessary information in both ways both the moving company and the people who move.

The 4 most common mistakes in a moving service are the following:

1.- Insufficient transportation space

It is very important both for the company and for people who are moving, to have an inventory as detailed as possible of the belongings that are going to be moved since this information is used to calculate the volume in cubic meters. Details are often omitted which may be crucial for the estimation of the right vehicle for moving. One way to make a good inventory is to go room by room of the residence and writing down all the belongings that will be left in the move.

2.- The time was not enough for the move

This happens when the schedules established by the administration of the condominiums or residential are not taken into account, either in the home that is left or in the new destination. It should also be taken into account the itinerary of people who move, sometimes when it comes to foreign removals they must travel to the city where the move is directed if this information is not complete it puts at risk even the schedules of flight of people if they move by plane. Another of the common causes that cause this problem is the lack of a detailed inventory as we mentioned in the previous point since this is also used to designate the number of helpers who will attend the move.

3.- Damage to furniture during the move

In large cities it is very common for condominiums to be built with smaller common spaces such as elevators and access stairs, which has caused great complications to maneuver furniture in these accesses, this being one of the reasons for damage. It is important to notify the moving company if the spaces are too narrow. Damage to the furniture is also recorded due to poor packaging, so you should always ask the moving company about the type of material that will be used for the protection of your furniture, the common material for this protection is mat and adhesive plastic although you can also use plates and corners of cardboard, bubble, polyfoam, among others. If the belongings are delicate there is the possibility of requesting a packaging with greater protection of the standard.

4. Late arrival to the destination

Especially in areas with high traffic flow, it is common for moving companies to be in traffic, which causes delays in the arrival time and therefore can increase the time at which the service will end. A good way to avoid it is to start the service in early hours where there are not many cars circulating. And take it into consideration as a possible scenario, especially if you have to plan with fair schedules either by the administration of the condominium or by the personal plan of the people who move.

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