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6 Ways You Can be a Part of Go Green Initiative

Go Green – one of the most talked-about topics today.

The degrading conditions of the environment has already been addressed as an issue, a major concern. Most of us only restrict the conversation to the issues. We don’t go ahead to discuss the solutions, the contribution, the ‘what we can do as residents of this planet’, as human beings, as a nation, and most importantly as world citizens.

Here’s my take on it – there is a lot you can do, without spending a penny, or even dropping one drop of sweat. Here’s how:

1. Practice using Reusable Bags

I am sure you have heard this a million times over, by now. Why am I still talking about this? Because, this practice isn’t operating on as large a scale as it should be. Opting for paper and plastic bags is both unnecessary and wasteful. Instead, jute, or cloth, or any other reusable bags is much, much helpful both environmentally and personally. Plus, reusable bags will help you save the extra cost of buying a plastic bag every time.

So, from here on whenever you visit a grocery store, or any other place where you need bags, opt for reusable ones. You might think they are expensive at first, but they are ever-lasting, unlike plastic or paper bags.

2. Not just bags, but bottles too

Again, you need to use reusable bottles or the bottles which you can refill, rather than tossing out a new bottle every time you feel thirsty. You might think that water bottles coming with stickers of recycling, actually get recycled, but, in practice, it is estimated that up to 80 percent of the bottles never get recycled.

Speaking about how important it is, it takes almost three times the water inside the water bottle to create the bottle in the first place. This shows how important it is. Another number that will show that things aren’t going as they are supposed: In the US alone there are more than 2 million water bottles discarded. So, next time you drink water, make sure it is from a recyclable or reusable bottle.

3. Buy what is needed

‘If you buy things you do not need, soon you will have to sell things you need,’ – Warren Buffett, arguably, the best investors in the world.

This wouldn’t only ensure the establishment of the go green initiative but also save green. The whole world is falling into the trap of consumer culture, and every other person has overbuying habits.

I am sure you are wondering – so how is this effective our environment? Well, in the end, everything is coming from the resources of mother earth, which are LIMITED. You don’t have to buy everything you desire. Learn the concept of sharing. You can also borrow them from your peers/relatives/close friends.

4. Shutting Down

By shutting down, I mean powering down and reducing your power consumption. That doesn’t imply you need to shut down the ACs in scorching summer days. Instead simple practices like turning off the lights and fans while you are not in the room will serve the purpose.

Once you adopt this in your lifestyle, you will observe the difference in your electricity bills. In addition to this, stop taking your personal cars to work. You will not only save a lot of gas and the money associated with it but also boost your health if you choose to cycle or walk to the workplace.

5. Use Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods

Yes, you heard that right. Coffee pods are actually environment-friendly. This is relatively new in the industry, but drinking coffee using capsules has turned out to be the most environment-friendly method out there. In fact, recyclable aluminum pods, are more friendly than any other capsules even if they are made of plastic or any other material. We all drink coffee, at least most of us, so why not associate it with the environment and switch to Nespresso compatible coffee pods?

6. Take notes on screens

In this age of digitization, we should put our phones and desktops to better use, and make it more productive by taking down notes on them, rather than using paper and notepads. This is highly recommended for students.

Wrapping up: It is our responsibility to take care of our environment and once we accept it, we will truly make Earth a better place to live in.