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How to Match Your Jewellery With Your Style

We’re always hearing about the latest jewellery trends and sometimes we see pieces that we love, and they look great, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they would suit us or match our style. In reality, it could just be that the piece is intricate, beautiful or fun, but not right for you.

Choosing the right jewellery adds the finishing touches to any outfit and there’s nothing worse than spending time choosing the perfect outfit for an event, only to struggle finding jewellery to match your style. If you’ve put in the hard work, you don’t want to let your outfit down at the last minute by throwing on jewellery for the sake of it. After all, it should add to your outfit not damage it.

But choosing the right accessories to compliment your style doesn’t have to be hard, it just requires some thought. So whether you’re dressing for a new job, a friend’s wedding or a night out, have put together a guide to help you find the right jewellery to match your style.

Know what your options are

Firstly, there are so many different types and styles of jewellery available to you that it’s important you know what your options are. Get up to date with the latest trends for this season and you’ll have a better idea of what is going to be available to you in the shops. Of course you’ll always be able to get hold of the classic and timeless pieces, you can never go wrong with a small gold chain or stud earrings. But if you’re looking for something that will make more of a statement, spend some time shopping around to find out what’s available at that time.

Make sure your jewellery matches the occasion

Your outfit is going to match the occasion, whether you’re dressed for a day at the races or an important meeting at work. Whatever the event, your jewellery needs to not only compliment your outfit, but also match the occasion as well. While you may favour big bangles or dangly bracelets, these aren’t going to be ideal for typing away on your keyboard all day, just as you wouldn’t wear your expensive jewellery to a crowded and muddy festival. So you need to make sure your jewellery is right for the occasion.

Simple jewellery compliments a busy outfit

If you’ve opted for a loud or patterned outfit, or perhaps you’ve selected an item of clothing that is very heavily ruffled and textured already, you need to be careful about what jewellery you pair this with. If your outfit is already very busy and has a lot going on, you need to keep your jewellery simple and understated. Otherwise you may end up looking gaudy or uncoordinated and there will be no one place to draw the eye. Instead your outfit will look busy and visually overwhelming.

Embrace the contrast of colours

The key to accessorising like a pro is contrast. So if your outfit is comprised of cool colours, it’s a good idea to match these with more warming tones. For example, light hues like blue and purple go nicely with fiery colours like ruby or amber. What’s more, wearing bolder colours with plainer black or white items can really help the jewellery to stand out and make a statement.

On a similar note, it’s a good idea to opt for cooler colours if your outfit is made up of warmer shades. A perfect example of this is if you’re wearing deep shades of green or blue, these match nicely with orange or yellow gemstones to make them stand out. There is a very real science behind matching these colours and you’ve probably heard the popular saying ‘opposites attract’ – well that’s true when accessorising too! It’s all about embracing the contrast.

Match your jewellery to your skin tone

Just as you want the colour of your jewellery to compliment your outfit, you also want it to match your skin tone. Silver is one of the most popular metals as its colour compliments most natural skin tones. But if you’ve got darker skin or hair, gold could be the colour for you! Plus you’ve got to consider the gems or colours that are included on your jewellery. Warmer skin tones pair nicely with warmer colours such as orange or yellow, whereas lighter skin tones should opt for deeper colours like purple, blue or red.

Make sure your earrings shape your face

A pair of statement earrings can really make you stand out and complete your outfit. That said, if you don’t take the shape of your face into consideration you could end up with a less than flattering look. For example, for those with oval faces simple studs or triangle earrings are the best bet for highlighting your cheekbones. But for those with a heart shape face, long drop earrings are a good look. Do some research into the types of earrings that best suit the shape of your face and then choose a style that matches your outfit, whether this is something big and bold, or classic and understated.

Think about how your body type affects your style

Similarly to the above, you need to take your frame into consideration to find jewellery that suits you and your style best. Firstly, make sure you wear rings that flatter your hands. Narrow bands can make your fingers look longer if you have smaller hands. But as a general rule over-sized rings will always help you stand out.

Finally, just as your height and shape will affect your style (as you want your clothes to flatter your body) your jewellery does the same. For example, if you have a larger frame, chunky jewellery can be more flattering for your look. If you’re taller or have a long torso, choose a longer necklace and don’t be afraid to layer these. And for those who are shorter (think 5’4 and under) it’s a good idea to choose necklaces that sit on your collar bone. Just be realistic about your build and height and you’ll find the best accessories to suit your style.