Thursday, April 22, 2021

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Can Quarantine Make You More Creative?

We cannot deny the fact that all of us are going through a difficult time. The Coronavirus pandemic has affected the lives of many and the best way to stay safe is by social distancing. This pandemic is altering the structure of our everyday life. And with the current scenario, it is vital and also our responsibility to quarantine. However, among all of this is also equally important to look out for the silver lining for our mental well being and sanity. We all have always had a busy life. We hardly had the time for ourselves. On a regular basis, we all thrive for me time. So, why not use this time in bringing out the best in us. Things that have always wanted to do but could not manage to get time for. So, this quarantine let us take a little time to bring out our creative sides. If you find it hard to concentrate or focus among all the chaos in your mind, you can get Modalert online. As this lockdown, it is best in your interest to stay home and order your basic needs online.

Tips to bring out the creativity in you

Creativity is fluid; it has no description or a particular shape. Creativity gives you the wings to make an ordinary thing extraordinary. So, if are yet to find your creativity, here are some tips that you can do this quarantine-

Write a journal

Creativity always doesn’t mean painting. There are many ways to be creative. One of them is writing. You can either write a journal or drive a deep more and start with pending down a poem. Something that comes from the deep corner of your heart. So, now paint the world with your words and reach out to people and let them connect to you and your thoughts. Even if you do not want to share your thoughts with other people, you can maintain a journal and preserve your memories. After years from now, you can go through these and relive these moments again.

Knitting something you like

Needle art or knitting is a very common form of creativity. This helps you pass your time and also make something very useful and pretty. Not all of us know how to knit. So, you can use this COVID-19 quarantine to learn how to knit. Along with knitting, you can also engage in learning how to stitch. Now knitting needs a lot of concentration. You can get Modalert online that will help to boost your cognitive ability along with your concentration. Modalert helps by acting on the brain of the person.

Blogging or vlogging

Now that we are all living a virtual life, one of the best ways to reach people all across the world is by blogging or by vlogging. Blogging is putting down your though through words in the form of a blog. Whereas, making a video of your thoughts is vlogging. This Coronavirus quarantine, you can come up with different video ideas and post them on YouTube.

Try tie-dye method

Another way to creatively pass your time this Coronavirus quarantine trying tie-dye method. This is something even kids can try and a creative way to upgrade your plain t-shirt. This is a versatile form of art that is easy and fun. For this, you need t tie several knots on a plain t-shirt and then dip in the choice of your color. After the t-shirt has soaked in the color let it dry. Once the t-shirt has dried completely, open the knots and enjoy the new pattern on the t-shirt.

Paint or sketch

For most people, one of the best ways to bring out creativity is by painting. You can also choose to draw or sketch. There are many painters who use Modalert. Its cognition-enhancing ability helps the person stay creative and come up with better ideas. And this COVID-19 quarantine you can get your package of Modalert online from Mymodalert. For people who are just beginning with painting, can start with learning how to make outlines correctly and then gradually move into other details. You can also find many online classes on learning how to paint.


Why not use our creativity into planting some essential pants in our terrace or your balcony. Planting plants and herbs can be a great way to stay creative and also use our quarantine time effectively. Some of the saplings that you can plat are herbs like coriander, lemongrass, mints, etc. They are easy to grow and can be of great benefit during this lockdown time. They do not just elevate the taste of our food but are also very effective in helping to boost the immunity of the person.

Follow the tips to boost your creativity. You can also choose to get Modalert online to enhance your creativity and boost your level of energy the right way. Also, remember to stay home and stay safe.

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