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Ways To Train Your Brain

Science indicates that training the mind has great benefits for human beings. On the one hand, new neural networks are developed that improve learning ability. On the other hand, physiological and cognitive deterioration is halted in the entire population in general and, more specifically, in people with dementia. There are different techniques to train the mind, and all of them aim to streamline and expand the brain’s functioning.

In this article, we will talk in more detail about mental training and explain how to train the mind with these exercises that will allow us to keep our minds active and awake.


  • Benefits of training your brain
  • Close your eyes and touch different objects
  • Smelling different smells
  • Listening to music at different volumes, rhythms, and speeds
  • Tasting different foods
  • Body visualization and body stretching exercises
  • Balance exercises
  • Practicing expressive techniques
  • Reading and mathematical exercises

Benefits of training your brain:

Mental training empowers better cognitive functioning of the person in all areas. Next, we will see which are the benefits of training the mind:

  • It allows exercising the senses of touch, smell, hearing, and taste. 
  • It improves a sense of proprioception or body awareness, balance, and motor or kinesthetic skills.
  • Improve skills and acquire new ones that have not been developed.
  • It helps to stay awake and active.
  • It Promotes full brain function in people with degenerative diseases or dementia, both cognitive and physical.

Seeing why it is good to train the mind, we will see a list of exercises that favor this integral mental development.

Closing the eyes and touching different objects

One of the exercises to train the mind consists of closing your eyes and touching different objects in your space. This activity allows you to develop your sense of touch. It is recommended to do it in a quiet room where you feel comfortable.

Detecting different smells

In this activity, you have to close your eyes and smell what surrounds you. We work on the sense of smell, developing all the subtle differences that this area encompasses. It is one of the exercises to train the mind that helps recognize the different smells of the environment more easily.

Listening to music at different volumes, rhythms, and speeds

If you are wondering how to train your mind, this exercise allows you to work on your auditory sensitivity. To have the desired effect, use different rhythms, speeds, and volumes of the melodies. It will serve to train this skill in-depth.

Tasting different foods

For this exercise, any element that has a taste, whether it is food or not, as long as it is not a toxic or harmful substance for the organism. Closing our eyes and savoring the taste in a mouth will allow us to explore a whole world of flavors and sensations.

Body visualization and body stretching exercises

One of the exercises to train the mind is to work on proprioception or body awareness. Through body visualization, stretching, and minor manipulations or massages, we can increase our body awareness. 

Balance exercises

The balance exercises work is essential to train our mind. You can use different instruments for balance development, like a balance board or fitness disk. 

Writing by hand

Writing by hand trains your attention and ability to concentrate. You may write anything but with the condition that it is will be written by hand. You can create your stories, write a diary, a book summary, etc. You can also find more examples of writing formats on paper help platforms or writing blogs.

Practicing expressive techniques

Another highly recommended exercise to train the mind is to practice any expressive technique, such as dancing and counting. Many senses, abilities, and skills such as hearing, touch, motor skills, balance, body awareness are trained. Therefore, expressive techniques favor the brain development of the person.

Reading and doing mathematical exercises

Solving tasks and doing mathematical exercises is one of the main exercises for the brain. It allows you to build new neural connections and develop a fundamental property for the brain – flexibility, and adaptability.

These can be puzzles and crossword puzzles and counting problems, analysis tasks.


Training for the brain is beneficial. It helps you think more clearly, be more able to work, feel better, and prevent many brain diseases. In this way, training the mind will allow the person’s cognitive, sensitivity, and motor mental functioning. The methods listed above are best used together and in a complex way, because the brain combines all channels of perception and comprehensively processes information.