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Job Opportunities in Real Estate

When one thinks about building a career in real estate, the first job that comes to mind is that of a real estate agent. Yes, being a real estate agent is the most popular job in this industry but there are many other careers that one can pursue in real estate, and you can start searching with real estate jobs near me, here you can find good job for your real estate career near to your living area.

There are many pros to building a career in real estate:

First, there is the perk of setting a flexible work schedule and second, is the attractive pay. These two pros make a career in real estate the most sought after ones.

Here at, we are going to discuss some of the most unique job opportunities in the real estate industry.

Commercial real estate agent

When we talk about real estate agents, the most common sight that comes to mind is that of selling houses. However, real estate involves more than just residential properties. There are office spaces and commercial spaces as well.

If you are already thinking about becoming a real estate agent then you can consider becoming a commercial real estate agent. The job profile is interesting and requires more emphasis on the research work.

Here, you will be deciding the perfect location and perfect office space for a company. Sometimes you may even find yourself unearthing the best possible place for a food joint.

Real estate investor

There are two ways to become a real estate investor. One is to be an active real estate investor and the other is to become a passive real estate investor.

An active real estate investor is a house flipper. They buy a property with the aim of selling it for a profit or they support other investors in buying properties for resale. On the other hand, a passive real estate investor puts their money in a property without getting much involved with its daily management activities.

Residential Real estate agent

This is the most popular real estate job. Residential real estate agents serve as a facilitator between a house seller and buyer. Some real estate agents can also take on a more specialized role of selling a particular type of property such as condos, family homes, vacation homes, and luxury homes.

You will need a license to become a residential real estate agent. The success in this career depends a lot on your lead generation system and client satisfaction.

Real estate broker

The term real estate broker and real estate agent are sometimes interchangeably used but they are not the same. A real estate broker is a qualified real estate professional. They are licensed professionals who have the capability of managing multiple real estate agents. A real estate broker also has the capability of running and managing a real estate office.

If you are already a real estate agent then you should get the license and experience to become a real estate broker.

Residential appraiser

A residential appraiser is someone who does some research work and collects information to come up with a value for a house. A residential appraiser can work both privately for a homeowner and an organization.

The government also employs residential appraisers to determine the value of a house for tax purposes.

Commercial appraiser

A commercial appraiser is the same as that of a residential appraiser. The only difference is that here one will determine the valuation of commercial properties.

Another difference is that while residential appraisers mainly resort to their learning in the licensing studies. Commercial appraisers learn the art of valuation from other commercial appraisers.

Final Thoughts

A career in real estate is both satisfying and rewarding. It is best for those who do not want to be involved in a regular 9-5 job, but who still want to make the big bucks.

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