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When Should You file a Belviq Cancer Lawsuit?

It has recently come to light that there are real, tested connections between the drug Belviq and Belviq XR and cancer. Back in January, the FDA decided enough was enough and finally recalled the drugs. The trouble is that this may have been too little, too late. With Belviq subscribed to millions of people – more than 600,000 in 2015 alone – that means the potential cancer risk is massive…but when should you file your Belviq Cancer Lawsuit? Let’s find out…

Belviq, the FDA, and a Cancer Scare

There has been speculation about the miracle weight loss medication, Belviq. There has been ever since it first came on the market back in 2012. Why? Because it was the first drug of its type that the FDA ever approved. Normally, they would not have approved a drug marketed at weight loss. However, chronic obesity had gotten a little out of hand and it was needed.

Cut to January of 2020 when the FDA issued a no-arguments recall on the product. Further, more extensive, testing had revealed that it could cause cancer cells in subjects. Those who were prescribed the drug had to throw it in the trash. Those who issued it need to be held responsible for mass rolling out of a product they didn’t properly understand. Those who had already suffered deserve justice for the harm done.

When to File a Belviq Lawsuit?

So when should you file a belviq cancer lawsuit? If you qualify as one of the injured parties, then don’t wait. Belviq has been on the market for eight years now. If, in that time, you have taken it for a prolonged period, then developed cancer, your cancer could have been as a direct result of the drug. Clearly this is unacceptable, so you may be entitled to recompense.

If we were in your position, we would be hiring a specialist in medical malpractice law to represent us, gathering evidence, and preparing to go to court. We appreciate that a lawsuit is stressful – particularly if you are not very well. We advise that you employ a professional team of experts to operate on your behalf, and to take the burden from your shoulders.

Who Do I Sue?

So if you are in the injured party camp, and if you want to proceed with the lawsuit, you can join a reputable firm who will likely be representing more people than you think – and all for the same thing. You will be suing Japanese drug manufacturing giant Eisai Inc, who should have known better than to provide the masses with a drug they hadn’t fully tested yet.

When we take a medicine that has been prescribed to us by doctors, we assume it is safe. If it has the FDA seal of approval, then even better. We certainly don’t expect it to cause us harm – let alone to give us cancer. Such things must be punished and in the only way companies can feel it. It’s not about the money. It’s about the principal… and customer health.

Start gathering evidence today for your Belviq cancer lawsuit and file ASAP. You have lost enough of your life thanks to this firm. Don’t waste time.

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