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How To Transform An Outdoor Space Into An Entertainment Space

If you live in a family home in the suburbs or a townhouse, having access to an outdoor space is an advantage. While it serves as a home extension, an outdoor space is also an ideal spot for relaxation and recreation with family and friends. It’s a perfect space to unwind or connect with nature after a busy week. 

In case you have an empty outdoor space that you want to transform into an entertainment space, here are several tips to help you start the project: 

1. Select The Right Space

When creating an indoor-outdoor space, you should choose an outdoor area adjacent to an indoor room. This setup exudes a feeling of continuous space, letting fresh air flow freely.  

In case you don’t have an adjoining indoor and outdoor space, you can position the outdoor area a few feet away from your house. Add some lighting and cover the pathway to create an illusion of a hallway between the two regions. Although this can’t be considered an indoor-outdoor room, it will make you feel like you’re moving from one space to another. 

Many homeowners link their patio to the dining room, kitchen, or living room. You can choose any indoor space depending on the architecture of your house. 

2. Provide A Cover For The Outdoor Space

If you have an outdoor entertainment space, provide a cover. It will make the indoor and outdoor space flow seamlessly. You can go for a pergola, solid roof structure, or a canopy. Adding a cover to your space allows you to enjoy the open feeling of an outdoor room. 

3. Adorn Your Space With Decorations

One way to make the indoor-outdoor space classy and elegant is to use a complementary décor theme. Following a single theme and utilizing luxurious colors will make the area feel cozy and look aesthetically-pleasing at the same time. It’s also a cost-effective approach to create a restful ambiance.  

You may also choose to add matching throw pillows for the seats. If you want to take the decoration to a whole new level, you can purchase some outdoor furniture to fill the empty spaces of the area. You can throw in some beanbag chairs or patio sofas. This way, you can invite some friends over to visit your newly renovated entertainment space.  

4. Consider The Lighting

Soft lighting is suitable for an outdoor space. This will produce a relaxing and inviting ambiance for gatherings with family or friends.  

Remember that the lighting outdoors should not be too dim, since not everyone has good eyesight. You should look for the kind of lighting that gradually softens when you move farther away from it. 

5. Install A Sound System

A sound system is a critical component of your outdoor entertainment space. Installing a sound system outdoors can provide great entertainment for your visitors. Family and guests can listen or even dance to the music.

You can check out outdoor speakers from reliable brands to set the ideal mood during gatherings. Conceal the speakers behind plants or other fixtures. You should position the sound system and accessories within the roofed area to prevent damage to the electrical system. 

6. Organize The Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is a great feature and a must-have for homeowners who love to cook out during weekends and holidays.

To make the weekend outdoor feasts possible, you should position your outdoor kitchen near the indoor kitchen. This is both an efficient and visually appealing choice, since you can get the necessary ingredients from your indoor kitchen without hassle. The idea is perfect for the barbeque parties you’re planning to organize. 

If your indoor and outdoor kitchen share a wall, you can install a bar or pass-through to serve as a connection point between the two spaces.  

If you cannot position the kitchen for easy access, another option is to buy a handy rolling cart to effortlessly carry food to the grill or hand over some beverages to guests.


In creating the ideal outdoor entertainment space, these doable tips can help you achieve the setup you’ve always imagined in no time. Turning your outdoor space into an entertainment space is a great idea, especially for family gatherings and reunions. Moreover, you can use that space to unwind and camp outdoors on a cloudy day. 

Aside from the considerations mentioned above, you should plan a budget for the project. You don’t want to exhaust all your savings in building your entertainment space.