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Why you should be Betting Live on Tennis and their Tips?

Tennis is one of the best live sports for betting, as its offers many in-game wagering opportunities. With the games lasting for several hours and breaks during the play and between sets, there are many options for bettors to weigh upon and check the available markets before investing. As the tennis match is measurable statistically, many sportsbooks provide endless live markets on various types of bets. For a regular bettor, it’s an opportunity to earn money while betting live on tennis. 

What Makes Tennis an Interesting Live-betting Sport?

Since tennis is a year-round sport, bettors can get many opportunities to live bet tennis every week. Starting with the Australian Open in January through ATP finals in November, the betting opportunities are continuous. Aside from the top tennis tournaments, sportsbooks provide different live betting options on the qualifying tournaments and second-tier matches with less available markets. 

Another reason to bet live on tennis throughout the year is that tennis is always live-streamed or televised. The pro tennis tour with live telecasts and live streaming is a perfect chance for live betting too. 

Tennis seems to be made specifically for television with relatively low production costs. The electronic scoring system of umpires is also associated with live scoring platforms. It means bettors have the chance to access data live and predict as the game goes on.  

Due to the supreme coverage of live tennis, bettors need to be well-researched all the time. They must be mindful of sportsbooks and gather as much data as possible and further enter it into their refined algorithms. It is tough to beat but certainly not impossible. 

Live Betting Strategy for Tennis

One of the major challenges with live bet tennis is that you are often left wondering what type of performance a tennis player will give. You may watch a match like Milos Raonic vs. Novak Djokovic and predict that Djokovic will win easily.

But what if it is a small tournament for which Djokovic won’t care much about? What happens if he is already exhausted or sick that day? Or his performance simply comes as flat? All these factors are something that you need to consider when betting on live tennis pre-match. 

The best part is that live betting offers many opportunities to avoid such unpredictable landmines. Here are some important strategies that you need to consider when it comes to live betting on tennis matches: 

1. Find Hidden Value

There is a great value on certain betting lines when betting live on tennis. One good example of this is with favourites who perform sluggishly. You may want to bet on Serena Williams for winning a match. However, she may be priced at -1000 pre-match. But if she drops her first set and you still predict her win, you may get her at a discount of around – 600 or -700. 

This sport is about flows and ebbs. So, there are chances to get a good line during a match compared to a pre-match. 

2. Consider the Evidence

The benefit of live betting on tennis is to get some evidence. You may project or think a few things in a pre-match are handicapping. But live betting offers you clear evidence of making a good decision. In case Djokovic comes out flat, according to the example given above, you may decide to pass the bet. In case, he comes out as a strong player as you expected him to be, you can further jump it for a point. 

In both cases, you get a chance to see action before placing a bet. It is useful, as frequently matches won’t play out how you thought them to turn out. 

3. Hedge Your Bets

One of the major advantages of tennis live betting is that it gives you a chance to hedge your bets. 

Before the existence of live tennis betting, you would have to live with the tennis bet. In case, you bet on a player and they struggled during a match, you’d have to watch that through to the end of the game. With live betting, you have chances of hedging your bets. 

For instance, if a player you bet on is performing a little shaky and you feel like getting out, you can bet on the opponent during a live match. You will lose some money in this case; however, you get some money back. It is better than losing all the money. 


Now that you are aware of live betting tennis, you have to brush up on certain fundamentals of betting on tennis matches or tournaments. If you want to speed up betting on sports, you have to look for more advanced betting strategies. We can help you improve your winning percentage while building your bankroll. Just stay tuned with us, as we keep sharing valuable articles on sports betting on live matches or tournaments.