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More Than Just Clothes: Creating Your Personal Style

Clothing is not just a piece of fabric but has everything to do with who you are and how you feel.

Who you really are is not always what you want to show the world. It may well be that you are very sensitive and that you, therefore, want to dress more vigorously. Maybe you are shy and want to stand out more with your clothes? Do you let your personality shine through your personal style quiz? Are romantic? Minimalistic? A dreamer? In this article, we will help you create your personal style by picking the right clothes.

What colours do you prefer?

You can do all kinds of tests to find out what your colour palette you like. But you can also take photos with all sorts of different colours and then see which colour does the most for you. When the colour does nothing for you, you usually look grey. This is entirely different for everyone, even if you have the same hair and skin colour, your colour palette can differ.

Find inspiration outside of your world

Go exploring in other countries and cultures! You can find inspiration by looking at people who you think have a cool style. Pinterest, Chesca and Instagram are full of it or look at artists and famous people and create your own mood board.

Highlight the parts of your body that you like the most

Highlight the parts that you are proud of. Long legs? Wear skinny or flared jeans. Beautiful collar bones? Wear low-cut tops. In which clothes do you feel the best version of yourself? That already tells a lot.

Be creative in your own wardrobe

Try to combine prints and materials that you like the most to create a unique look. Everything is possible nowadays! Use only the top or bottom of a dress for a new look.

See if you can put on a turtleneck under a V-neck sweater or a chunky knit cardigan over a neat dress. Or choose to go entirely in blue, tone-in-tone, or different shades from the same colour family.

Be smart! Have you found lovely new sets? Put it on, take a photo and put it in a special ‘look book’ folder on your phone.