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Things to Look For When Hiring Office Cleaning Services

Profitability, Productivity, Proficiency – the 3Ps that have always been the strong foundation of a successful business. Business owners are now looking for ways to increase profitability, enhance employee productivity, and achieve proficiency, and there is no shortage of ideas. Some of them encourage team building activities, while others seek to promote creativity.

One such way to do the same is the idea of a clean office. Having said that, employing office cleaning services for your business can help you keep your office space neat and clean, while also increasing employee productivity.

However, if you are going to invest in an office cleaning company to achieve the benefits of a clean organization, you need to choose the right service provider. Here are some of the things you must look for when hiring office cleaning services.

Experience In Your Industry

Some industries require a more specialized type of cleaning. For example, the foodservice industry and healthcare industry needs to hire a professional cleaning company with specialized tools, training, experience, and certification.

Experience With Commercial Clients

Not all cleaning companies clean offices. Many cleaning professionals are qualified to handle residential properties. And that doesn’t mean that they have proper training and skills to work with commercial spaces. So, before employing a cleaning company, make sure that they have significant experience working with businesses and organizations.

Extensive Services

Your office might need more than just a quick clean every week. You may require deep clean every few weeks or window washing, floor buffing, etc. Before deciding on a cleaning company, make a list of all the services you need, then shortlist the one that offers all of them.


If you are outsourcing a cleaning company, you would want them to work around your team’s schedule. You wouldn’t want them to get in the way of your employees or your clients. So you need a company that has flexible working hours and can come at the time you specify.


Well, your budget definitely matters. Whatever service that you need to outsource, you would want to hire a company that fits within your budget. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to choose an option that is cheaper and not reliable. You just have to make sure that you get good value for money.

Customizable Plans

You should hire a cleaning company that allows you to customize their service plan in such a way that you get the most possible value. For example, you may want to select a few services that you require every week, like window cleaning, deck cleaning, floor cleaning, but also want a few biannual services like carpet cleaning and tile cleaning.

Easy to Communicate With

What mode of communication are you going to use for your office cleaning in Oakville? If you want to build a successful relationship with your cleaning company, you need to choose a company that communicates in the mode suitable for you.

Safety Training

Safety is an essential aspect of every industry – even cleaning. Before considering a particular cleaning company, make sure that their team has received workplace safety training and can maintain safety standards inside your premises.

High Employee Standards

You should also enquire about the screening process of the employees in the company. Also, ask about their hiring practices. Do they hire their own team of cleaners or use subcontractors? Do they perform background checks? The cleaners would be coming in and out of your office, and so, you should be able to trust them. Therefore, make sure you do proper research about the reliability of the company and the employees.

License and Insurance

Before considering a cleaning company, make sure that it is licensed to be operated in your state or community. The company should also have liability insurance to cover any problems that may arise while they are working in your facility.

Cleaning Options

The equipment and supplies that a cleaning company uses speak volumes about there finished work, Enquire about the tools they use; make sure they are latest and high-quality. Also, make certain the company uses green cleaning products. This allows you to keep your employees away from potentially harmful chemicals and lower your company’s carbon footprint.

Positive Customer Reviews

All of the above-mentioned characteristics can have a great impact on the customer experience. To know about the credibility and reliability of the cleaning company, read reviews online, or ask the customers personally about their experience. If a company has good reviews, the chances are likely that you may have a good experience with them as well.