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Florida Keys Boat Rental Makes for the Perfect Vacation

Head to the southern tip of Florida in the United States and you’ll come across a string of islands known as the Florida Keys. The islands are a popular and famous tourist destination and it is a place you have to visit at least once in your life.

Increasingly, more and more are using a boat rental in the Florida Keys to explore this exciting region of the world. So why is this?

Boat Rentals and the Florida Keys

Wherever there is water you’ll see yachts, motorboats, catamarans, sailing boats and every type of vessel you can think of ploughing through the waves. That is the beauty of a Florida Keys boat rental – there really is a vessel for everyone.

How Boat and Yacht rental in Florida Works

It is possible to hire most vessels from a reputable vendor. You can hire your vessel of choice for a day, week, or for a few hours. A yacht rental in Florida may require you to hire a skipper if you have no sailing qualifications, but some boats you can take out on your own. Whether you have a skipper or not, the Florida sun, ocean, and your vessel will make your vacation memorable.

Here’s a snapshot of what you can do with your Florida boat rental:

  • Go fishing – Make the catch of the day from the deck of your sailboat rental in Florida.
  • Snorkelling / Scuba Diving – Get the underwater perspective and explore the depths. You’ll marvel at the sea life!
  • Tubing / Water Skiing – Enjoy the thrill of being pulled at high speed as you zip along behind a motorboat!
  • Explore the Florida Keys – There is something truly magical about sailing from location to location. The Florida Keys was put on earth to be explored.
  • Motorboat – Enjoy the feeling of speed by zipping along in a high powered motorboat
  • Sunbathe – There is something wonderful about sunbathing on the deck of a catamaran or yacht. Bring lotion.
  • Watch the sunset – As well as the beach, watching the sun disappear behind the horizon is truly magical from a boat.

Exploring the Florida Keys by Boat

The Florida Keys is a truly beautiful part of the planet. The islands that stretch out into the ocean are like small countries in themselves and here you’ll find things to do with the kids, beaches, amusement parks, water parks, restaurants, bars, and of course a top-rated boat rental!

  • Key Largo – The first island, and one of the best in the Florida Keys, is Key Largo and it is definitely one to visit by boat. Here you can snorkel and scuba dive to see the coral reef and underwater statue of Jesus Christ. Great for fishing too!
  • Islamorada – Keep sailing to the next islands in the key and you’ll come to Islamorada, the sports fishing capital of the world. As well as fantastic fishing, the food is fantastic too! You should try it!
  • Key West – Take in the old and new town of the most famous island in the Keys. Discover the history of the Keys and then party until the sun comes up!

Make sure your next vacation is a boat rental in the Florida Keys.