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The Best Way to Use Box Fans for Home Cooling

During the summer seasons, it is really very difficult to survive without a box fan or ceiling fans. But placing the fan at the best place or selecting the type of fan is the thing to concern. Keeping a fan at a table or at the top the roof defines the position of a person who wants to take the air of it. All fans have different blades and their speed depends upon the air they release. But the cooling and the temperature of the room do not completely depend upon the fan and it’s working.

The cooling also depends upon the area of the room, the direction of the room and the things present in the room. If the room is on the balcony side then even the fan can not give much cool air as sunlight would come in and it may reduce the room temperature. If the room doesn’t have cross ventilation then it may make the room humid, if the room is on the backside then it may give much cool air of fan then the room. There are some factors which may help to keep the room cool, such as;

1. The direction of the fan- The best way to use a box fan is to keep it in the correct direction. This is among the best fan options available in the market. The direction of the fan depends upon the person where he or she is sitting. Everyone wants to sit and enjoy the cool air and to get the same it is better to put the box fan in the correct direction.

2. Fan placement- Another important thing to keep in mind is to place the fan correctly. A box fan is a fan that is either kept on the table or it can be hung on a side wall for the cool air. These box fans are not so costly so it can be bought and placed in each room. Incorporates and offices, people used to hung the box fan correctly to deliver equal air to everyone sitting in a room. It should be fitted properly on the wall so that it may occupy the complete room to release the air and make the room cool and release the humidity.

3. Size of the fan- Another important thing to keep in mind before getting the box fan is to look for the size of your room. If the room size is small then a single table box fan will also do the needful but if the room size is big then place at least 2 box fans on the ver the wall. These box fans should ha e a swing option as well so that the portion must give air to each one, who is present in the room.

4. Fan running time- Most of the time air blow outside the room is much cooler than the inside in nights and hotter in the morning in the summer season. So if this box fan remains on during the morning time then it would keep the room cool at the night as well. If the fan keeps on during the day time then it may keep 20 degrees F cooler nights in the day time.

5. Cross ventilation- This is one of the important things to make your room cool. If there is no cross ventilation available in the room then the air of the fan can create humidity in the room which makes it difficult to sit in the room. If there is no cross ventilation available then put an exhaust fan on the entrance of the room so that the humid air may pass away.

6. Put curtains on the window- the day time and in summers the sunlight can make your room hot. So start putting the curtains on the glass window as it can keep your room cool from the air if the fan as well. Sometimes even AC doesn’t satisfy the requirements of the room because in summers sun rays are so strong that it can keep your room hot so if there are proper curtains placed on the windows then it can keep your room cool.

7. Improving the swap cleaner- This is an object which is placed on the top of the room during the summer seasons. It is an object that sunk out the hot air and releases the cool air from the air conditioner. This is an air conditioning that has a box fan inside it and releases cool air to make the room cool. Try to keep this swamp on the roof as it would occupy the space to release the humidity of the room.