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Shopping for Heels- Determining the Right Shoe for That Stunning Look

Shoes are an obsession for most women. There is a wide assortment of shoes not limited to ballet flats, pumps, wedges, sneakers, and high heels. Heels can accentuate your look and make the wearer stand out from the crowd. However, finding the right heels has been a problem for women.

Check out tips for choosing the best heels for your needs:

1. Consider the comfort

Heels come in various heel heights and toe box shapes.  For most women, the higher the heel and narrower the toe box the more discomfort one has.  Therefore picking the right heel height and toe box key.  The ideal design is a heel height of 3 inches paired with an oval shaped toe box.  There are many different brands of shoes in this category and picking stylish luxury comfortable heels has become more accessible than ever before.  Wearing the wrong footwear for your feet can cause discomfort and long-term injury.  When shopping for a closed toed pump, it is best to go for an ideal heel height or kitten heel. If shopping in a physical store, wear your favorite pair and try walking around the shop for a few minutes. This way, it will be easy to detect any hot spots immediately.  If the shoe feels tight or painful it is most likely not the proper shoe for you.

2. Pick a perfect fit

If you want to look elegant wearing heels, choose a pair that fits perfectly. Even the most beautiful feet look awkward when in the wrong shoe size. Most people do not get their foot size measured every few years.  Like your vision, shoe size can change due to pregnancy, weight gain or loss, and lifestyle.  Therefore, it is important to get your foot size measured often.  Wearing tight heels can cause your feet to cramp, develop blisters or painful corns on the toes. Your heels should not be too loose or too snug; otherwise, your foot will slip and get friction irritation. Know the right size before you go shopping.  You can have the foots measurements taken by a professional at most retail stores.

3. Safety also matters!

You can easily trip and fall when wearing the wrong heels. Beware of ultra-thin stilettos and strappy sandals. They look elegant, but you can easily twist your ankles when wearing them. Ensure that any straps on the heels are balanced to perfection. If not comfortable with high heel sandals, consider wedge heels or block heels to help with increasing your ankle stability.

4. Pick the right type of shoe.

There are different types of heels, pick one that will accentuate the best features of your feet. For instance, pumps will highlight the beautiful curves of high arches, and ankle straps will make your ankles more prominent. On the other hand, slides will show off your perfect pedicure. Regardless of the shoe style, make sure you have a stable sole that does not bend easily, have a supportive arch, and wide toe box.  These three points will help to make sure your feet are always protected regardless of the style.  Check out these stylish luxury comfortable heels .

5. Shoe material& Design

The shoe fabric is an important point and is always worth considering. There are different materials that can feel better and still meet your requirements. Some heels are made of leather, suede, PVC, sheer materials, and many more. Leather is thick and robust, and shoes made of this fabric are sturdy and stretch over time.  Suede’s are softer and stretch easily allowing for better foot contour.   PVCs can be a stiffer material which is hard to stretch and can cause the foot to sweat easily. Using a PVC type material for sandals versus pumps can help to reduce these issues. Sheer materials are beautiful and fragile.  The have great stretchability but can also tear quickly. These shoes are best reserved for special occasions.

6. What about your dress style?

Your outfit determines your shoe choice. For instance, a pair of heels looks good when worn with long pants to help elongate the look of your legs. On the other hand, mid-height heels look great on midi skirts or crop pants. Highly decorative work well as a statement piece and usually look great with monotone clothing.

7. Shoe cost

Footwear has a wide variety is pricing, quality, and materials. When investing in shoes, remember what purpose that shoe will fulfill. For trendy footwear, deciding on a lower price point makes sense because that shoe style is short lasting.  However, for business or social footwear do not compromise on quality or pricing.  Invest money in a couple of key pieces that will last and look classic for years. Having a lower turn over of shoes is also environmentally healthy too.  Reducing footwear waste is an important aspect of buying the correct shoes.  Pricing is determined by the shoe brand, materials used, and the place of manufacturing. Compare the price in different stores and buy at one with reasonable rates.

The bottom line

The footwear industry is multifaceted, but it is critical to choose the right shoes. Consider things like heel height, toe box design, manufacturing, quality of materials and costs. Go for one that suits your feet, lifestyle, and budget. Finding stylish luxury comfortable heels is finally possible.