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7 Creative Pool Ideas for Homeowners

If you are a homeowner, you are probably always on the lookout when it comes to ways to improve your home and make it more comfortable for your family and yourself. Building a swimming pool in your backyard is probably one of the best ways to invest in the comfort of your home as you can relax and enjoy a swim on hot summer days in the privacy of your backyard and only a few feet away from your house. In case you have a small backyard you usually need to choose between a beautiful garden and a swimming pool, however, if you are lucky enough, you have enough room for both. To help you as you are planning to build a swimming pool and make your home comfier and your summer days cooler, we are sharing some creative pool ideas for homeowners that can help you build a large or small pool in your backyard.

#1 Small Swimming Pools, Great Capacity

Even if your choices are limited due to the small backyard, you can build a small swimming pool that could make a perfect oasis for hot days and recreation at home. Imagine yourself flipping burgers on the BBQ while you are having friends over or enjoying your time with your family. A small pool fits great into this scene and is nothing less entertaining or relaxing than a big swimming pool would be. There are certainly some advantages to having a big pool, however, small pools are the perfect choice for homeowners who don’t have much space in the backyard and would still like to build an inground pool. Small swimming pools come in various sizes that fit the criteria of “small”, as well as in many shapes that can complement the esthetics of your backyard. Consider hiring professionals to design your pool and help you choose filtering and materials so you could have a blast during hot summer days in the privacy of your backyard. Small pools are intimate and don’t take much space, which is why these swimming pools are a rather popular choice.

#2 Two Small Pools Surrounded with Plants

Instead of choosing between having a garden and a pool, you can have both with some clever design. One example is building two small pools that are connected with a small attractive water channel that merges the two small pools. This is where you can get creative with beautiful plants and plant a lovely garden to build a real sanctuary for relaxation during summer. You can learn more about the cost of swimming pools and the type of materials commonly used to build pools.

#3 Corner Pool with a Waterfall

Petit waterfalls can fit great in any garden exterior and may contribute to the serenity of your backyard. You can make a true oasis by building a swimming pool in the corner of your garden, which gives you more space in the backyard where you can set up garden furniture and catch some sun by the pool.  

#4 Vinyl Pools

Vinyl swimming pools are the most cost-effective pools as this is the cheapest option when it comes to the price of building a pool. Vinyl pools are smooth and there are no limitations to the shape and size, although vinyl needs to be changed more frequently than is the case with fiberglass and concrete pools. The material is non-porous, so you won’t have any issues with algae growing in your backyard pool. Once you choose the material you want to use, make sure to hire a professional to start designing the pool of your dreams. With vinyl, you can have a pool built in any shape you like, so you can get creative with it and brainstorm some options with the designer you hire.

#5 Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are more costly than vinyl pools but are also easier to maintain, however, fiberglass pools come with limits to shape and size. This is because fiberglass pools are pre-molded and shipped to your address, so you are limited to shapes and sizes offered by different pool manufacturers. Fiberglass pools usually cost up to 10,000$ more than vinyl pools and are close to the price of concrete pools. In case you decide to go with fiberglass, you are likely to choose from a limited offer of designs. Make sure to use gelcoat in case you choose fiberglass to prevent damages to the pool shell. Manufacturers can tend to the repairs in case of damage, but colors and the texture don’t usually match the original, which is how repairs can be visible.  

#6 Concrete Pools

Concrete pools are the most expensive version of home swimming pools when compared to fiberglass and vinyl. Concrete pools may be expensive but these pools are usually genuine works of art and a lifelong investment with near-zero repairs needed. Concrete pools can be any size, shape or depth, and won’t place any constraint on your creativity. Concrete pools can be easily integrated into any exterior and make your backyard look like a lagoon, a beach, or a true piece of art.

 #7 Stone Table and a Wooden Patio Pool

If you are looking for a place to cool off and relax, a small swimming pool with a stone table in the center may be the right choice for cramped space and the lack of a bigger backyard. In addition to a small pool and the stone table, the pool can be surrounded by a wooden patio where you can set up comfy pillows and garden furniture. That way you can take the maximum capacity of a small space in the backyard.

Things to Know Before Building a Swimming Pool

Make sure to check the prices of swimming pools based on the size, shape, and depth, as well as based on the material you want to use. It is recommended to hire a designer that understands your wants and needs, and that can provide an amazing design that could fit the capacity of your backyard.

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