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How to Perfectly Pitch Guest Posts

Blogging is a way by which one can communicate his or her ideas, knowledge, personal experiences.

A blog is a platform where people share their ideas on any topic of their choice. Guest posting is an important part of a blog especially for the growth of readership and forum.

What exactly is “guest posting”?

When you write an article and publish it on someone else’s blog is called guest posting.

Advantages of Guest Posting

1)It helps build and strengthen relationships

Bloggers are usually famous on various social networking platforms like twitter,facebook,instagram and so on. By being an amazing guest blogger and publishing good articles on their blogs you will be able to build a relationship with them. By having other bloggers as your friends you will be able to have more blog subscribers and viewers and thus become a social media influencer.

2)A boon for various portals

The host blogger should mention your blog’s link either at the beginning or the end of the post. These backlinks would make your blog more popular thus making it easier for people to find your blogs using different search engines.

3)Helps to connect with new people

Guest posting helps you enter an already popular and well established society. By giving other bloggers good content you not only build relationships but also more readers, followers.

Now that we have understood the meaning of guest posting and the importance of it, the next question that arises is ‘how to perfectly pitch your guest posts’.

How to perfectly pitch your guest posts?


One must have in-depth knowledge about the blog before pitching the guest post.You need to do proper research work and understand what their style is. You have to grasp their writing style,the topics that interest them. To do all this you really need to take out time from your busy schedule and read the posts on their blogs.Read as many posts as possible.

Build Relation first
Now that you have read their blog posts it’s time for you to start interacting with them. For this choose few (maybe 2-3) of their posts and leave a comment on each one. The comment can be an expressive comment or a suggestive comment. Expressive comment means you are expressing your views in a meaningful manner. Suggestive comment means you are suggesting something in a polite manner that would add value to their post. By commenting, these bloggers would come to know your name and also who you are.

Build Strong Trust
Now it’s time to introduce yourself to them. Don’t do this immediately after leaving a comment on their posts.Stand by a few days and then connect with the blogger via e-mail. The subject of your mail is very important. It should be so strong that it urges the blogger to open your mail.In this first mail of yours you should introduce yourself and let them know who you are. Mention how much you love their work. Here you are laying the first stone. Your mail needs to be captivating.In this mail you can ask for support or guidance or ask anything about their blog.

Patience is the key
Next thing you have to do is wait for their reply. You need to be tolerant.Wait for atleast few days if their reply does not come within few minutes. If they don’t reply even after few days then just send them your pitch email after waiting for a few more days.If they reply instantly then just send them your pitch email immediately.

Email Pitching
Now the time has come to send your pitch via email. You have worked really hard to reach this place so don’t ruin everything by sending a poor pitch. The subject of your pitch needs to be extremely seizing. It would be pointless if you mail your pitch and the blogger does not open your mail.

So a powerful subject line is very essential.

If you pitch a topic that has never been written by any writer on their blog there are chances that your pitch might get preference. Keep your pitch short and crisp as the bloggers or editors don’t have much time to read a lengthy pitch. The quality of your pitch should be outstanding so therefore edit your pitch as many times as possible. Give a personalised touch to it. Give atleast 4-5 ideas.

The final step after you have sent your pitch email is to wait. Give time to the editor or the blog owner to read your pitch and review it.

In this digital age bloggers and editors have a platform to put forth their views,ideas and knowledge to influence people.
Allowing people to guest post on your own blog is also a stunning idea.

This would also improve and strengthen your bond with other bloggers and editors and help you grow.

Pitch your guest posts in a very efficient manner.

The way you draft your pitch is the deciding factor whether the blogger or the editor is going to approve your post or not. By following the above mentioned points you will be able to perfectly pitch your guest posts. Don’t waste your time and just start pitching and notice your influence grow.