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Decorate Corners With These 19 Amazing Ideas.

The corners of the room are often the most neglected or overlooked part. People tend to forget how important it is for the room to have all areas catered to in decoration. An empty corner weighs down the otherwise aptly decorated room. A well-decorated corner gets attention like a magnet.

But decoration doesn’t necessarily mean load the corner with items. The size of the corner matters a lot, so does the usage of the room. You cannot put an expensive art piece in the children’s room and you cannot put a bookcase in your kitchen.

Every room has its utility and using space effectively is very important while decorating. Nowadays small houses and apartments are very common. Keeping them neat and clean and well decorated while utilizing the space to the fullest can be a challenge.

Bring nature’s freshness inside:

Indoor plants are a fresh way to brighten up the corner. It not only radiates energy for your busy life but also adds dimensions and volume to an otherwise blank space. One large plant can also work but you can use planter stands to play with height to create an elegant corner. Use your imagination and go green!

Vase for a minimalist approach:

You can find a huge variety in corner vases. So many materials, designs, and sizes are available. You can get a huge vase in a solid color for the corner of your sitting room or under the stairs. You can also use a couple of vases in different sizes and shapes to make the corner look neat yet stylish. Vases made of metal and stone are all the rage nowadays.

Make a book nook

If reading interests you then there is no better way to fill a corner with a stylish yet cozy book corner. Angular or triangular bookshelves can be designed according to the dimensions of the corner. Pair it up with a chair and an ottoman and you have a perfect reading area. If there is natural light then nothing like it! If not, don’t worry, you can add a lamp.

Why not a cozy napping area:

A well-spaced corner can be used to put your sofa bed or a corner couch. It can be used as an extra sitting area, a place where you can forget your stress and take a power nap. It can also be used as an extra space for sleepovers. Use colorful couch if you like bright and colorful spaces. But for an elegant and chic look, go with earthly and pastel tones like faun, white and light grey.

Organize a corner with dirty hamper:

Utilizing space is equally important as decorating a space. In a busy household with kids and working parents, things can get cluttered. The perfect way to fill a small corner in an accessible area like the bend of the staircase or kitchen is by putting a dirty hamper. You can use a wooden or wicker basket that conceals the hamper so that it looks good too.

A useful coffee area:

Corners can also be used to sit, relax and have a cup of steaming hot coffee. You can make a small coffee bar with mugs, creamer, sugar pot and coffee maker to get an instantly made cup of coffee whenever you want.

Creative rockeries for innovative corners:

Patio corners or outdoor corners can hold rockeries for nature enthusiasts. Water bodies can be added with cactus or succulents can be added to make beautiful miniature landscapes to display your talent. Outdoor corners can hold larger flower pots and other outdoor plants. There is a wide range of stones that you can use but commonly basalt stones, welsh green stones, York stones, and Cotswold stones are used.

Let’s make our wine corner:

You might not have space for a wine cellar or a bar but you can always have a wine corner. Install a good wine rack with a floating cabinet for glasses and holders for cork opener. You can design the rack according to the size of the corner in the form of a cabinet or floating one that has partitions to hold the bottles.

Space saver cupboards:

Corner cupboards are very useful space savers. They can be made in any size and dimension to store the stuff that is just roaming in the house and has no space to be stored in. you can make it in a small wardrobe, pantry or for storing bathroom supplies.

What about some more decorative shelves:

Shelves are always needed to display decorative items, pictures, and travel souvenirs. Corner display racks are a very good way to display collectibles and decorations. Floating shelves are also a very trendy way of adding space to a small room or corner. For example, if you have a small home office you can add floating shelves for stationery, file and other office equipment.

Set a small working space for yourself:

A home office is a must for every house no matter what kind of work you do. An attic corner or a corner in your sitting room can be used to create an organized working station or study area for you.

You can never have enough storage:

A corner can be easily converted into an extra storage area. Turn your corner into an extra kitchen pantry or utility storage area. Small kitchens usually don’t have a pantry, so you can convert the corner into one.

Create a play area for the kids:

Corners can be used to set reading nooks for the kids with small stools and bookshelves. You can also set it to store toys with a playing area as well. Set a lovely tea table or a truck shop for them to enjoy playtime.

Stylize the bedroom with a floor mirror:

A floor mirror in the bedroom corner fulfills two purposes, one it serves the purpose of a looking mirror for dressing. The second, it makes your small room looks bigger by playing with the light throughout the room. It also gives your room a character.

A small laundry to utilize space:

A proper laundry room is not available in small apartments. You can make one by utilizing empty corners of the bathroom or kitchen with a small washing machine. You will not just get a laundry but a very easy to use one as well.

Make your wall into abstract art:

An empty corner makes the whole room look dull and boring. You can make it into a piece of art by using tape wall patterns. The corner instantly becomes artistic and chic. Washi tape wall art can be made in any creative pattern and design. You can use your creativity to add your personality to the room.

Light the corner

Whether murals or artworks are placed in the corner, they should be illuminated with small light sources to create a good atmosphere. LED downlight is a lighting device hidden in the ceiling. It is developed by combining traditional lamps with LED bulbs, which is very suitable for large area lighting and small area lighting. Conventional ceiling LED downlights cannot be adjusted when embedded in the ceiling. But Enuotek offers you adjustable downlights and dimmable downlights to meet more needs. Adjustable downlight is a good choice, it can make you have a perfect corner and make your mood very happy.

18.Decorate corners with art:

Corner walls are a perfect place to display art and pictures. Display your kid’s artwork in the corner or pictures were taken on your latest trip. You don’t have to be an artist to display art; a personal art collection gallery can be made in the corners of your house.

Make corners look neat with sideboards:

Sideboards are not only a good space saver and storage. It also makes the corner look organized and homely. You can put anything and everything according to the room in the sideboard. For example, in the corner of the dining room, you can put candles on the top of the board and napkin and extra plates or glasses inside the sideboard.

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