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What are The Best Stem Cell Shampoos on The Market?

Recent breakthroughs in biology research have led to a new wave of beauty products hitting the market. Stem cells were once far too precious to squander on anything less than medical therapy for patients in dire need since stem cells were so difficult to harvest. But now a new avenue has opened up: plant stem cells. Even though they come from the vegetable kingdom as opposed to the animal, they still have many medical properties in common.

This has led to a menagerie of new personal care products on the market, including stem cell nail formulas, stem cell shampoo, and stem cell skin creams. Consumers have been skeptical of the claims at first, but plant-based stem cell products win them over due to being organic and sustainable. Still, this market is in its early years, so the product field is sparse but growing.

Cel MD

Cel MD has a full line of plant stem cell personal care products, including shampoo, conditioner, thickening formulas, and stimulation formulas. They apply “micro stem” technology to deliver ginseng-based stem cells, as well as organic sources of biotin, keratin, and glycerin. Cel MD is worth checking out for its extensive blog alone, covering a broad range of wellness and health topics as well as beauty secrets. The Cel MD product line is aimed mostly at anti-aging and youthful rejuvenation, addressing the needs of mature adults along with consumers of any age.

Amazing Moisture Shampoo

Made by Los Angeles firm More Naturally Inc, Amazing Moisture Shampoo bills itself as “the world’s most expensive shampoo,” at US $14 / ounce. The formula, made for consumers who don’t mind spending top dollar, uses stem cells and botanical extracts in an aloe vera base. Their stem cell extracts also come partly from ginseng.

Raincry Repair

Just when you thought stem cells couldn’t get any trendier, somebody thought to combine them with this CBD oil. The extract of cannabis, now legalized in select parts of North America, is not the component that gets you “high.” Rather, it is an important compound that binds to the endocannabinoid receptors in your body with many therapeutic results. CBD is the reason medical cannabis is prescribed for treatment. Combining both stem cells and hemp-derived CBD into one shampoo might seem to be a bit of overkill, but this product is touted as repairing brittle, damaged hair.

Andalou Naturals

Taking the two trends a step further, this experimental product line, which includes shampoos, takes its stem cells directly from the hemp plant. Andalou’s website cautions that there is no THC or CBD in their products at all, but that the stem cells in its products come from the hemp plant. This is admittedly a field of personal care needing more research, as plant stem cells are typically harvested from other sources, but it makes the list just for this unique approach.

Further research

Could there be even more to plant stem cells than we at first thought? A joint research effort between Texas A&M University and Arizona State University has uncovered a breakthrough lead in plant cell biology that suggests plant stem cells might be a fountain of youth. The discovery is that of the source of “telomerase,” an enzyme within plant stem cells that acts as a DNA stabilizer in plants, allowing them to survive on a scale of centuries.

To quote: “The telomerase enzyme is capable of replenishing the lost DNA at chromosome ends and it is available in cells that are immortal.” Humans have this same enzyme, and a way to use plant telomerase to replenish human cells could lead to exciting breakthroughs in human longevity. It goes to show, there’s a lot we have left to discover in nature’s laboratory.