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Here’s How You Pull Off Joggers With Sauvé

Joggers are great news for anyone who is a fan of casual and fuss-free clothing. The fact that this non-complicated and lazy-girl outfit is back in fashion just makes you even happier. You can finally give the body-hugging, tight clothing a break and still be on trend when donning your trusted joggers. This closest cousin of sweatpants is undoubtedly stylish and versatile in more ways than one. But do not let that give you the idea that anything goes with these slouchy pants. Styling joggers can be a tricky business as there is just a fine line between looking trendy and looking like you put it all together somehow at the last moment. If done right, the humble joggers can take your style quotient several notches higher.The following nine ideas are all you need to take amp up your style game with joggers.

Ditch the sneakers and slip-on

The thing about joggers is that they already have a youthful vibe to them and when you team that up with slip-on or sneakers, you are basically aiming for a kindergarten look. You definitely would not want that, and so, those shoes are a complete no-no. Instead try going for the lace-up boots and tuck in the joggers to bring out the tough-girl vibe to the look.

Drop the plain and simple joggers

The simple white or black joggers should be thought of as a thing of the past when you are aiming to make a style statement. Get a pair of joggers with the most unique designs to stand out from the crowd. Try out the lace-up designs on the sides or some strategically placed sheer panels to bring some panache to your regular look.

Pay attention to the fabric

The fabric is the key when it comes to selecting the joggers for a high-fashion look. Yes, the cotton might feel like the super comfy options to reach out for. But regular cotton joggers are only limited to workout clothing nowadays, and you need to go beyond cotton to make your mark in the fashion scene. Try out a velvet pair like it was recently seen on the reality TV star Kendall Jenner. You can also go for denim or corduroy fabrics to bring a fresh new spin to joggers.

Style it up with a cool tee-shirt

Tee-shirts are your best bet when you are donning your favorite pair of joggers. But rather than reaching up for the band tee-shirts, go for the striped or solid colored ones. Keep the joggers interesting and wear a monochrome tee-shirt on top. The good thing about this look is that the intricate patterns of your joggers are brought out really well when contrasted with a simple tee.

Pick up the cargo style joggers

Millennials are not really familiar with the cargo-style pants which were quite a rageat some point in time. Nothing to worry as they can now get as familiar as they want with the cargo style pants. Cargos have made a comeback in the joggers’ segment and if you have always wanted to try out this style, now is the right time.
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Going monochromatic with your look

If you have kept an eye out on the social media platforms, you will know that the monochrome look is totally bang on trend. Everyone from Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner to Kim Khas sported this look as part of their street style and now it is time for you to jump on the bandwagon. Go for a single color, but that does not mean you have to stick to whites and blacks. You can go monochromatic in joggers by trying out pastel shades like pink or ocher yellow.

The oomph of joggers with side-slit

Joggers have made a transition from comfort clothing to streetwear, and now they are turning heads with the sexy quotient. If you want to turn heads in your joggers, select the ones with a high and daring side-slit. The peekaboo of your toned legs keeps the look really attractive when you pair it up with a button down classy white tee-shirt. Carry off a mini-clutch, and you can bring the perfect party vibe to the look.

The cool quotient of Crop tops and joggers

The crop tops have been reigning in the fashion scene for quite some time.The current trend of joggers enables you to combine both the styles to bring a cool new style to flaunt. Let your toned midriff show from the crop tops and the jogger combo. You can go for the look that has monochrome tee-shirt and printed joggers together to bring one cool street style.

Oversized tops with clinched bottom joggers

You might think that with something as slouchy as joggers, you must go with a fitted top. But in reality, what you need is an oversized sweater or top to go with it. You can tuck in one side of the top to your joggers and step up in a style that is also the ultimate in keeping up the comfort factor.
These nine ideas should give you enough inspiration to ramp up the simple joggers’ look. You can mix and match these styles like going monochromatic with crop tops and joggers, or wear a printed jogger with simple, striped tee-shirts. Go by the classic, cool, or make your own trend when joggers are your choice of clothing.