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7 Cheap and Easy Tips to Make Your Home Smell Good All the Time

A pleasant smell at home depicts beauty and cleanliness. So, as much as you maintain the aesthetic value of your home, ensuring that it smells good all the time is crucial in making the house a comfortable and happy place to live in.

A good-smelling home promotes a good conversation, reminding you about good memories, such as last summer vacation, the beach, wild berries in the forest, and even a childhood scent. While there are commercially available air fresheners, there are cheap and easy tips you can do to make your home smell good all the time, which are listed below:

1. Clean Your Dehumidifier

Dehumidifiers are excellent odor fighters. It traps contaminated and unpleasant air coming from the fish cooked in the kitchen, pet danders, or your toddler’s poo, converting and releasing clean air.

Here are some tips involving dehumidifiers:

  • If you already have one, make sure to clean it and check for any damage or replace any part as needed. An annual inspection is required to keep your dehumidifier and HVAC system functioning all year round.
  • If you need a new one, invest in high-quality dehumidifiers to help clean the air, eliminating bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants that cause a terrible odor. Consider the best features (e.g., HEPA filtering system, settings, ionizer) when considering to purchase a new one. Visit for more information about the best quiet dehumidifiers available in the market today.

2. DIY Herbs and Essential Oils Stove Simmer

The aromatic scents of herbs and essential oils, like mint, lavender, and jasmine, captures not only the olfactory or sense of smell but also the overall mind and heart of the person. Essential oils are so powerful that it conditions and relaxes the mind.

Here’s how to make your DIY herbs and essential oils stove simmer:

  • Simmer water in a saucepan for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Add herbs, citrus slices, and essential oils.
  • Keep the fire in the low heat, for the sweet scent to permeate throughout the house.

3. DIY Scent-filled Mason Jars

It is a similar trick with the herbal stove simmer. Simply add simmering water in mason jars and add dried apples, cinnamon sticks, and essential oil. You’ll be amazed at the holiday scent in the entire house!

4. Fruit Basket or Casserole

Fruits have a natural smell. Aside from the health benefits and making your dining table or kitchen countertop look colorful, a fruit basket or a casserole with slices of oranges, apples, and spices is a great kitchen tip that can make your home smell right all the time.

5. Clean and Organize

A clean home equates to a good-smelling house. Store toys, gadgets, art materials, and other clutter on appropriate boxes, cabinet, and storage areas to avoid accumulating dirt from your children’s messy hands or pet’s dirty paws, possibly causing unwanted odors, mold, and mildew.

Here are some cleaning and organization tips:

  • Wipe down surfaces using a microfiber dust rag, so dust is trapped. You can also use homemade lemon rags to add a fresh scent.
  • Clean your home using a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner. Don’t miss the corners, upholstered furniture, under the bed, and the walls where dust tend to accumulate. Vacuum 2 to 3 times a week to observe cleanliness.
  • Change your comforter at least every three months.
  • Clean garbage disposals. Run lime or lemon rinds through the garbage disposal followed by lots of water. If the smell won’t go away, make water and baking soda solution and run through the disposal.

6. Strategically Positioned Aromatic Candles

Anchor a few aromatic candles without lighting them on places where you least expect them to be, such as the linen closet, where the scent can be absorbed. Your linens will smell good, and you’ll be surprised with the scent every time you open the door.

7. Install Indoor Plants

As natural as they are, plants, also offer pleasant fragrances. They also add beauty to your indoor living space. Place the plants strategically, near the living room door, kitchen, or near the patio.

Here are some of the best plants that release good scents:

  • Eucalyptus
  • Gardenias
  • Arabian jasmine
  • Cuban oregano
  • Corsage orchids


You can think of many ways to make your home smell good all the time. With a creative mind, resourcefulness, and willingness to do the task, you can surprise your family and visitors every time without spending a dime on expensive air fresheners. Spark a good conversation, reminisce the good memories, and create beautiful moments with your family in a good-smelling home.