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Hiring an Exterminator Here’s What You Need to Know

Coming to the realization that your home or place of work may be riddled with pest problems is something no one would want to experience. These uninvited guests can not only cause expensive damage, but can also have an adverse affect on your health. Whether the problem is wood destroying termites or just common cockroaches, calling a pest controller is the course of action most of us would likely take.

Here are a few tips given by professional exterminators from this website on what to be aware of while looking to hire pest control services for your home or office.

The Company Should Be Reputable

One of the worst things that one could do is to hire a pest control company without a proven track record, or someone who is not able to do the work properly. While going through online reviews is the first and the most common step that anyone would take to check their credentials, personal recommendations are always by far the best.

Getting to know what a pest control company is like based on their current customers experience is a great way of gauging their trustworthiness. Reviews from online sources are always the quickest ones to obtain but not always the most reliable, so asking for personal references is the safest way to determine integrity and the quality of their work.

Make Sure They Are Qualified

Not just anyone can carry out pest control work, adequate level of competency is required..

State laws are very strict when it comes to pesticides use, and pest control is one of these trades where certifications are necessary for being able to carrying out the work.

Before making a commitment and booking the chosen pest control service, ensuring the hired company or individual has the adequate qualifications and adheres to common sense is prudent. Making sure the hired person is fully qualified and licensed is the safest way to avoid problems, should they arise after the service is completed. All this can be so easily overlooked, and it is crucial to remember. Only licensed technicians have sound knowledge of all the laws, regulations, and how to use the product in a safe and appropriate manner.

Determine if You Need A Contract

Some pest control companies might try to tell you a contract is needed in order to have their services. That very well might be the case if the service is carried out in commercial premises. But in the event of a residence when a general pest control is performed at home long term commitment is usually not required.

However, a service warranty is always a good thing to ask for in case the pest problem should return soon after the service is completed.

Beware of Tricks of the Trade

Vast majority of people in the pest control industry are ethical, but every now and then it is possible to come across an individual who may not be quite forthright. When unaware, it is easy to get caught up in something that you didn’t plan.

One of the oldest tricks in the book is saying that signs of a particular pest infestation were found in your neighbor’s house. Schemes like this are often used to get you to buy their service on the spot.

Claims made by some pest control salesman about their business or the kind of products they use may be exaggerated. When assertions that the pest control company is endorsed by government agencies or special type of formula will be used, remaining skeptical often is the best choice. All pesticides must be registered by the States Department of Agriculture before being put to use and are available to all licenced pest control operators.


When selecting a pest control service provider undertaking your own research is crucial. Choosing a service contractor who offers the most affordable price is not always the best choice. While value for money is what most people put as a top priority, when it comes to hiring an exterminator for your home or place of work, reputation, experience, quality of work and safety must not be compromised.

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