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Dental Office Decorating: Tips on How to Create a Welcoming Environment

Research suggests that as many as five percent of the population have a fear of going to the dentist. Those five percent of people are more likely to have teeth problems and experience oral health issues. In fact, because oral health has been linked to overall health, the people with a dental phobia are more likely to experience general health issues. 

That’s why dentists must create the right atmosphere for patients. It’s more than just adding a few magazines or a drinks machine. If you want to get your dentist surgery right, you’ll need to enlist the help of a professional dental fitouts firm.

The following tips can also help!

Pastel Paint

Pastel colors are calming, bright colors are not and dark colors can make people feel anxious. That’s why your dental surgery needs a fresh coat of paint. Choose a pastel color to help your patients relax and the freshly painted walls will let them know that you care about the building and your patients. 

That’s going to help them relax.

Modern Seating

It costs a little more but the best approach to seating is to give your patients comfortable and individual seats. These can be positioned to help people have their own space. You’ll be surprised at how much more relaxed patients are! 

In fact, modern seating also gives your dental surgery a modern feel that encourages patients. This is because it’s easier to believe you’re using the latest techniques. Don’t forget, while you don’t want your patients to wait for long, they’ll be happier and more relaxed if the waiting room furniture is comfortable.  That makes your job easier.


Hanging pictures on the walls makes the place feel more homely rather than a business. You should avoid any dental related pieces. Instead, stick to landscapes and perhaps pictures of the local town. These will be more relevant to your patients and take their minds off the dental procedures. 

Add Some Flowers

Flowers tend t brighten any space and help people to relax. Of course, some people have allergies, which means it’s best to leave one section without any flowers. 

If you’re worried about looking after the flowers then there are some great artificial flowers available. They look real but don’t need to be looked after!

Get The Lighting Right

Fluorescent lights are business-like and not conducive to the relaxed atmosphere you’re trying to create. That means you need to use spotlights, table lamps, and even floor lamps. This can help you to create warmth and cozy areas for people to sit in, making them feel more relaxed.

The reception Desk

A key part of any dental fitout is positioning and designing the dental reception desk. It needs to be accessible, the receptionist needs to be able to keep an eye on the patients. But, it also needs to be discreet.

It can be a difficult balance to achieve, that’s why it’s a good idea to get professional help and achieve a fantastic looking dental surgery. Your patients will thank you for it. 

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