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Women’s Luxury Silk Kimono Robe: Top Skin Benefits, Long Style and Pure Silk Robes

Silk kimono robe is a popular Japanese formal known for its elaborate reasons. Kimono silk fabric is one of the finest, it’s such a high quality fabric that it can be dyed several times. The fabric is so luxurious and gentle to the skin that it prevents the effects of Aging. In ancient times, Japanese used to wear these silk kimono robe but now it’s only worn on special occasions like festivals and weddings. Moreover big brands such as Victoria secret did a fashion show of Silk kimono robes. 

You might wonder what is the point of wearing silk kimono robes as sleepwear? Well contrary to many fabrics that are harsh on skin and aggravate sensitive skin, kimono silk n is hypoallergenic as its made from non-abrasive fabric.

In this article, you’ll get to know about the skin benefits you get from wearing kimono silk. Moreover we’ll suggest some best long silk kimono robes with breathtaking styles, so keep on reading!

Silk kimono robe keeps you young:

Yeah you read it right! Silk kimono slows down the aging process. Silk kimono robes used to be Japanese everyday wear in old times. There is natural cellular albumen found in silk that keeps the cell metabolism rapid, that avoids wrinkles and keeps the skin plump and young.

Silk kimono robes are best for sensitive skin:

Silk is made of smooth, long and natural fibers woven tightly which helps to keep the skin moisturized. Silk kimono cocoon is mainly composed of proteins, sericin and fibroin that is best for people with sensitive skin and skin allergies.

Silk kimono robes have anti-fungal and healing properties:

According to latest studies kimono silk have antifungal properties which can eliminate yeast that cause fungal infection in women. Wearing kimono silk has been associated with calming recurrent vaginal thrush and reduce uncomfortable symptoms of menopause. Wearing kimono silk robes also prevents body acne. 

Top 5 women’s long silk kimono robes and latest style kimonos 2022

There are so many options for silk kimono robes in the market that get you confused to pick the perfect one. So if you are looking for a nice affordable long Silk kimono robe, we’ve got you covered! We picked 5 best long silk kimono robes you can pick from easily.

Long Silk Kimono Robe wedding bathrobe with Lace Trim:

This long silk kimono robe is perfect for weddings, it can be either for bride or bridesmaid. It has delicate lace detailings and soft silk material which makes it more luxurious. You get a variety of 5 colors to choose from according to the occasion. The soft kimono silk is perfect to relax at night.

Long Silk Kimono robes for Women Cherry Blossom:

This beautiful green floral pure silk kimono robe is perfect for traditional occasions. This robe has vintage Japanese vibes which makes it more special. Moreover the silk used in this is 100% natural odorless and hypoallergenic. This robe has got so many positive reviews which guarantees its quality.

100% Silk Long Kimono Robe with Belt:

This flattering long silk kimono robe comes in red and black colors. The printing on the robe makes it look so luxurious and the design is also classy. This silk kimono robe has got a 5 star rating and it’s quite affordable compared to the quality.

Long Purple Silk Kimono Robe with Sash Colorful Blossoms:

This beautiful purple colored silk kimono robe has Sash Colorful Blossoms and Butterflies paints which looks absolutely stunning when you wear it on any formal occasion. It has a 5 star rating and costs you around 179$ which is absolutely worth it when you look at the texture and quality of fabric.

Long 100% Silk Kimono Robe Dark Blue Floral Printed:

This blue colored silk kimono robe is one of the most luxurious and elegant nightwear. The beautiful print and paint on the robe completes its look. The silk used in this makes your night comfortable and easy. The price of this robe is 179$ and has full 5 stars which makes it a steal deal.

Final verdict: Are silk kimono robes worth buying?

Investing in a silk kimono robe is completely your choice. However trust me once you experience the comfort of lounging around in the house in your silk robe there’s no going. A Kimono silk robe is more comfortable than your baggy sweatshirts and joggers. The silk fabric is beneficial, breezy and comfortable. Moreover you can experience the luxurious and vintage vibes sitting at home.