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Here Are Top 11 Gifting Ideas For Your Biker Friend

So, your friend’s birthday or your anniversary is fast approaching and you haven’t looked for a gift yet. Don’t let the panic settle in, because we’ve got your back!

Are you shopping for your sister who’s a motorcycle enthusiast? Or your better half who loves his bike as much as he loves you? Well, half the problem is already solved. Here’s a gift guide for anyone crazy about riding.

For a Fashionable Biker

Biker jackets have become such a staple clothing item that you’ll find in biker and non-biker closets alike. Belstaff and Saint Laurent make high-quality, stylish and durable motorcycle jackets.

If you’re looking for affordable options, check out jackets from H&M, Zara and other high-street clothing stores.

For Practical Use

Motorbikes are fast, easier to maintain and use less fuel. But they do lack storage. You can fix that with a good quality backpack! As there are endless backpacks available, you can narrow down the search by looking for waterproof and compact versions. Alpinestars Tech Aero Backpack and OGIO International Throttle Pack are two great options.

For Easy Navigation

Don’t dismiss this idea, thinking smartphones work just as well for navigation. You’re right, but phones can be quite distracting, especially when you’re riding. A mini portable GPS Navigation System is a safer way to navigate.

For Comfort & Style

Every biker under the sun will have a pair of riding gloves. But who says they can’t have more than one pair? Search for a set that’s comfortable, durable and style forward. Check out motorcycle gloves from Milwaukee Clothing Company and TOURMASTER.

For Maintenance

Nothing is worse than your bike breaking down when it’s pouring down. Riders need tools to at least fix the bike enough to ride it to a mechanic. A compact tool roll is a practical gift you can pick.

To make bike maintenance and cleaning easy, go all out with a full bike cleaning kit with a variety of brushes, wash liquid, spray, bike polish and so on.

For KTM Bike Owners

No matter how well a motorbike is maintained, it requires a time-to-time upgrade. If your loved one is a proud owner of a KTM bike, take a look at KTM plastics. This gift will give their bike a boost of functionality and aesthetics.

For All-Round Protection

Most motorcyclists enjoy having their bikes in pristine condition. To help them keep their motorcycle in the tip-top state, even during rainy days, buy a waterproof bike cover. It’s a useful and out-of-the-box gift.

For Extra Storage

Sometimes a backpack is not enough or one might simply not feel like carrying one. A mount tank bag is a perfect solution. Magnetically fixed on the bike tank, this bag allows easy access and keeps belongings protected from water.

For an Art Loving Biker

Are you buying for someone who appreciates art just as much? We would suggest you look out for riding-inspired illustrations and artwork. To amp up the emotional factor, commission an artist to create customised artwork for your loved one.

For the Traveller

For a biker with wanderlust, you can gift a GoPro and other camera equipment. However, if you’re on a tight budget, you can get accessories such as camera straps & mounts for those who already own cameras. Give them the tools to create flawless riding videos!

For Those Who Have Everything

What do you get for someone who seems to have everything relevant to their bike? Merchandise, of course! Look around in thrift stores to get your hands on vintage biking t-shirts. Other than that, you can easily purchase biker t-shirts, posters, mugs, miniatures and more merchandise online.

We hope these ideas bright up a birthday or make your Valentine’s day extra special!