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Write a Personal Statement

How to Write a Personal Statement for Fashion Design

The first and the most important tips we can give you on how to write a personal statement for fashion design is to follow the requirements given by the particular college or university. Aside from that, here are some expert tips on writing your own personal statement from scratch.

  • Show skills and personality. Employees of admissions offices of British and American universities are interested in the following question: do you have skills or abilities that can help you study on the chosen program? They are also interested in your achievements. It is possible to relate to achievements everything that you can proudly tell about yourself, whether it is successfully passed exams at a music school, nominating your candidacy for captains of the district football team or other activities to which you devote or continue to devote your free time. This includes both lessons in clubs or sections and charitable activities. In other words – describe everything that says about you as an interesting, talented and responsible person. Any relevant information will work for you. You are not supposed to write only about fashion design, because even the best designers in the word have wast hobbies not related to the matter. You should not get focused only on fashion design, though, of course, it stays the core part of your story.
  • Experience matters. If you have already had to work somewhere, undergo an internship or engage in charitable activities, write in detail about this. Especially emphasize those employment details that are relevant to your chosen course, fashion design. Try to relate the work you have done and the skills you have acquired to the Acceptance Criteria.
  • Why do you want to study here? If you are going to come to study in the UK or US from abroad, be sure to include in your letter why you chose this country to study. In your motivation letter try to answer the following questions: Can you demonstrate your ability to study at a university where education is in English? If you have already completed training (or passed exams) in English, then be sure to indicate this. In addition to education, did you participate in any activity where communication took place in English?

Personal Statement

How to Structure Your Personal Statement

Option 1: Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow

  • I have the necessary experience for a successful university study;
  • at the moment I want to get knowledge for further development;
  • Your program is ideal for this purpose, as I can achieve …

Option 2: I – You – We

  • Description of my achievements, talents, interests;
  • The selected program fully meets my ambitions;
  • My potential in combination with your program will bring the following benefits …

Option 3: What – Why – For what purpose

  • What exactly I want to learn;
  • Why I want to study exactly this specialty, what makes it so important to me;
  • How the chosen program will help me achieve my goals, what I expect to get from it.

3 Typical Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Writing too broadly. You should be rather specific when describing your skills and abilities when talking about what makes you attractive to the potential college or university. Admission committee members read hundreds of personal statements, so they get bored quickly. Think about the crowd of students completely alike — how would YOU make this choice? Give the admission committee at least something to get interested in your personality.
  2. Neglecting to proofread. It is a queen of mistakes, the worst, after not submitting your paper on time. You should proofread this text numerous times, give it to your friends, check it with the help of online proofreading services and preferably hire an editor to check it once more. Even if you are an international student, an excellent level of the English language is required.
  3. Listing only perfect qualities. Admission committee members are well aware of the reality, and they know there are no perfect students as well as there are no ideal people in general. Don’t boast too much, don’t list everything good you have ever done in your life. Make sure to list one or two traits of your character which you would like to change or enhance. Humanize your essay.