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5 Key Tips For Nailing Instagram Hashtags For Likes

So you want your Instagram content to shoot to the top of the pile, what you need is more engagement. Well there are many ways to go about this, but one sure-fire way to achieve this is to using IG hashtags for likes.

Use of Instagram hashtags is unavoidable for your Insta marketing efforts. It exposes your content to the world and if done right the perfect audience might just find you. But still, some very specific Instagram hashtags draw the crowds more than others do, specifically they make people like your stuff.

For those of you that don’t know, more likes ultimately means more engagement, and more engagement drives your content and page all the way to the top. So that when people search something within your niche you appear more often and make the uppermost suggestions. And the best Instagram hashtags can help you achieve this.

With a spike in engagement you will notice more followers, and from common business principles we know the more the number of buyers the more the revenue, just from using Instagram hashtags right.

So where does one get more likes? Or more importantly, how does one get more likes on Instagram? Stay tuned to find out. Within this article are 5 great tips on how to best use Instagram hashtags to garner likes.

There are more than 4.2 billion likes daily on Instagram so if you aren’t getting any you aren’t doing something right.

Those evasive algorithms and updates won’t stop you now, because after reading this you will know just which Instagram hashtags to use for likes and how you may apply them effectively.
Read on.

5 Tips for Using Instagram Hashtags for Likes

Tip number one,

1.Tag famous accounts and use their official Instagram hashtags

Famous accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers sometimes let users generate their content for them.

They begin by telling followers best Instagram hashtags to use throughout their posts. They then ask users or fans to follow their example and post anything similar to the kind of content they created using such Instagram hashtag.

In exchange the users get featured on the Instagram page of these famous and popular accounts.
You can reuse such Instagram hashtags to get more followers and likes. Tagging popular accounts like that, i.e. ones that depend on user generated content helps grow your audience speedily.

GoPro’s Instagram page is a solid example of a place where users get to be featured. Anyone can simply post their action-packed videos they took using their GoPro camera and use the Instagram hashtag #GoProFusion and they might just find themselves on the official GoPro’s account page, where millions of followers (14.9 million to be excat) will see their post and comment, like and share.

By using this tactic you get to be featured in front of a large audience, for free I might add. All you need do is use their official or preferred Instagram hashtags and remember to tag them, it increases your chances of being featured on their page.

And even if they don’t feature you perhaps due to overwhelming responses, you still stand a chance of being found via search. Once users click on such Instagram hashtags they could stumble upon your post scrolling through the hashtag’s feed.

To tag someone whose account name is Insta_handle01 on Instagram you mention them in your post using the @ sign like this @insta_handle01.

Find accounts producing content similar to and that align with your brand, that encourage user generated content and make use of this advantage to garner more likes from Instagram hashtags.

2.Use popular or best Instagram hashtags in your niche

Are you selling urban wear? Apparel for pregnant women? Baby products? A web tool? Whatever product or services you are trying to sell there is probably a community for it on Instagram, you just have to know the best hashtags they use, and target the community accordingly.

For instance, urban wear enthusiasts use Instagram hashtags such as;

#urbanwear #streetwear #streetfashion #urbanwear #streetwear #fashion #streetstyle #streetfashion #style #hiphop #urbanstyle #urbanfashion #mensfashion #urban #menswear #clothing #design #rap #photography #ootd #urbanclothing #instagood #supreme #streetclothing #clothingbrand #art #streetwearfashion #skateboarding #tshirt #apparel #clothes #skate

These are all relatable to the urban wear fashion and the people that love them checkup on the hashtags and even follow them. You should find and use Instagram hashtags related to your niche.
Several tools online can help you out if you are having a hard time putting them together.

3.Use hashtags for notable dates and events

Now another set of Instagram hashtags for likes you should definitely use are hashtags related to notable dates or events. Think national holidays, independence day, cyber Monday, black Fridays, Mother’s day.

These are really good days to engage your audience, most of their attention already is on that one specific day. Instagram hashtags related to these days will scurry likes to your page as if fireworks just lit up your party.

So target holidays and important dates. Once you post something that has to do with it you use the relevant or best hashtags.

So on a typical mother’s day you will see Instagram hashtags such as #HappyMothersDay #love #mothersday #motherslove #mom #ILoveYouMom in active use. And you should jump on the opportunity too, use them and you will get more attention and likes.

4.Use trending Instagram hashtags

This goes without saying, but nevertheless l am mentioning it. What’s trending is most popular and important news event at a particular time.

It could be about some political incident, or some crazy new challenge. Usually there is a lot of reaction online to a trending topic which gives you the perfect opportunity to be seen and liked.
Trending topics online are usually kept up and fueled by Instagram hashtags.

Do you remember planking, that one time everyone began lying on their stomachs face down to take a picture? Well that did trend in its time. And now of recent we have the world_record_egg.

Anyway, use trending Instagram hashtags to boost your engagement. People are bound to come across your content and engage with it as long as it’s trending, because it’s suddenly the interest of millions of users all at the same time.

5.Use location based Instagram hashtags

This is a killer move especially if your business has local shops or serves locally. Simply using the hashtag of your business location when you post on Instagram will alert prospects to your business.
Its free advertising if you think about it.

People love surfing through the Instagram hashtags of their location and keep them active by posting using the same hashtags themselves. So it gets a whole lot of engagement, likes, comments.

So even when people don’t get to buy your stuff they usually have the decency to like it which leads to more engagement, shooting your Instagram content to the top of suggestions.

In Conclusion

To really win on IG, correctly using Instagram hashtags is one sure way to go. They equal keywords in normal search engines which is the key to visibility, discoverability, likes, comments, engagement and conversion.

Author Bio:

Amos Onwukwe is an AWAI trained Business and Ecommerce Copywriter who has been featured in scores of blogs including Huffington Post, Dumb Little Man, Ecommerce Nation, eCommerce Insights, Understanding Ecommerce, Result First, Floship, Successful Startup 101, Small Biz Club, Small Business Bonfire, among others.

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