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Best Casino Games for High Rollers

Big expenses, luxury, and opulence – is there a better way to describe the life of a casino high roller?

High rollers are those guys that have access to the most restricted of places. When it comes to casino gaming, they don’t dabble in mediocre games and low payouts – instead, they go all in. And what games do they exactly choose?

Let’s try to find out. We rounded up some of the most popular casino games for high rollers which you can check out if you want to get a piece of the action yourself.


The game of Roulette needs no introduction, as there’s hardly a person in the world that hasn’t heard of it. Its fame is mostly attributed to the fact that it’s easy to play, but difficult to beat.

It is also fast-paced, which makes it perfect for high rollers looking for thrills and adrenaline. High rollers enjoy high stakes – and those usually translate into high risks. And Roulette is precisely that. Moreover, modern high rollers don’t just frequent land-based casinos. Online Roulette, and the new live dealer tables where players join a live stream of a real Roulette table, attract millions of punters as well. Live Roulette is arguably one of the best casino games for high rollers due to an abundance of exclusive tables with sky-high table stakes.


Baccarat is an iconic game. It’s a classic in the genre of casino entertainment, and its place there is cemented by the fact that it’s a favourite of James Bond. Agent 007 is a famous Baccarat player, and if you’ve watched his movies, you know that he’s not into tables with low stakes.

Baccarat is also very easy to learn, and you only need a couple of hours to grasp even the most difficult of strategies. Nevertheless, it has proven to be a tough nut to crack, as millions of punters worldwide invest exorbitant sums of money in the game every single day. High rollers, moreover, head straight to Baccarat tables when they enter a casino. It can be a real, land-based one or a web-based gambling site, it doesn’t matter. This game provides enough entertainment to satisfy even the most demanding of players in every conceivable shape and form. If you enjoy visiting Asian casinos, you then know how much love players there have for this game.


High stake Blackjack is nothing like regular Blackjack. When high rollers with deep pockets take seats around a Blackjack table, they are not there to play with €100 bets. Instead, they drop thousands at the start of the round, which then slowly progresses into millions.

High rollers, also known as whales around the casinos, cannot simply walk into a casino and start playing. They have years of practice behind them, which is an experience you cannot put a price tag on. However, with the introduction of internet gambling, it has become easier to learn the ropes of the game and advance one’s skill. Players turn to guides which provide useful info about a list of casino websites where they can play for real money. Strategies, walkthroughs, and reviews of games help them even more and point them in the right direction of exclusive tables with ridiculously high betting limits.

Texas Hold’em

Baccarat might be his true love, but Texas Hold’em also has a special place in Bond’s heart. The British spy has had his fair share of casino gaming throughout the movies, but the poker scene from Casino Royale will forever be etched in our minds. It’s unforgettable, simply because it has one of the edgiest, most adrenaline-fueled moments on the big screen ever. Yes, Bond plays Texas Hold’em for a chance to win millions – against Mads Mikkelsen.

You’ll hardly encounter a scene like that in real life, but Texas Hold’em rounds can still get pretty intense with higher stakes. High rollers adore the game because it requires patience, luck, and a lot of acting skills to bluff your way to a win. It’s more science than just a game, which is why so many players are attracted to it.