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Strategies to Win Big at Roulette

Roulette is one of the most in-demand casino games in both online and land-based casinos. The excitement that comes with it is the main reason behind its popularity. While the gameplay is immensely thrilling, the odds are quite bad for the players. Roulette game is one of the oldest gambling games and is based on chance. This game is usually structured to give the house an edge, even if you play the game wisely. If you are making wagers, be cautious about the strategies that you use and gamble responsibly.

  • Best Strategies to Use

While playing roulette either on casinos at gambling sites in India or land-based casinos, using several strategies is beneficial. Here are some of the strategies that will help you win big-

1. The Martingale System-

This strategy is the most popular and commonly used in online roulette games. The concept behind the strategy is that you have to raise your bets after each loss to get the lost money back when you win. Then, you repeat betting with the initial amount. Placing bets on even-money outside bets like 1, 18, 19, 36, Red, Black, Even, and Odd is the most effective method to use the martingale system. The outside bets in roulette have around a 50% chance of winning, but the payout is also the lowest for these bets. You win the same amount that you bet for. The drawback is that you bet big but win small, so there is a risk of losing a huge chunk of money while implementing this system.

2. The Labouchère and Reverse Labouchère System

 If a player loses a bet, the Labouchère system in the roulette game increases a player’s stake. A goal is set by the player regarding how much they want to win, and it is then divided into a series of small numbers that add up to that goal. To determine the first bet, the player has to add together the numbers at the left end and right end of the series. If their bet wins, the numbers are crossed out, and for the next bet, the next two left end and right end numbers are used. But if their bet loses, the amount placed by the player is added to the right end of the sequence.

The reverse Labouchère system among the gambling sites in India works by boosting the stakes following a winning bet. The procedure of this system is almost the same as the classic Labouchère system. Each bet is placed from the sum of the first and last digits in a series. If the bet loses, the first and last digits are taken out. If the bet wins, the last bit that is placed is added to the series.

3. D’Alembert and Contra D’Alembert system

This system is based on the bets placed. After losing a bet, one unit is affixed to the player’s stake, and after a winning bet, the stake is decreased by a unit. The major advantage of this system is that it will keep a handle on your streaks for a while. 

Contra D’Alembert is the opposite of the classic D’Alembert system. This strategy includes only betting on even chance wagers. For each win, one coin is added to the total bet for the following spin, and for every lost bet, one coin is removed.

4. The Fibonacci system

This system is considered one of the safest roulette strategies among all the gambling sites in India, especially when compared to other methods. By using the Fibonacci system, you will be able to get some wins. The name is derived from the popular sequence of Fibonacci numbers, where the successive number you get equals the sum of the previous two numbers. In the roulette game, this system demands you to bet by adding the two previously made bets together.

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Tips that Could Help You Win Big

  1. Knowing all the strategies is not enough to win a jackpot. These additional tips will help you win big on online gambling sites in India-
  2. Gather a bankroll and don’t overspend it
  3.  Always try and play a single-zero wheel 
  4. Sit out some of the decisions 
  5. Understand the odds
  6. Try various betting systems, don’t stick to only one strategy all the time

Most importantly, play the game in a leisurely manner and analyze what the game is about.


The majority of the players don’t follow a strategy, simply hoping that their luck will help them earn a profit. For becoming a professional, you need to apply several strategies and play wisely. Roulette game is not just about luck. It demands skill and patience. If you wish to maximize your chances of winning a jackpot, learn to implement various tactics.

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