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Four Desirable Features that you Need to Look for in a Vacuum Cleaner

Advances in the design of equipment and appliances have made it convenient for users to operate the equipment easily to receive the best output. New appliances and equipment that do not sport advanced features may not be the best options to have in your home or office. It is therefore necessary to diligently pick one that offers features that make the operation useful, while being innovative in terms of greater efficiency. Here is a look at four desirable features that you need to look for in a good vacuum cleaner.

#1 HEPA filters – Not only should your vacuum cleaner have powerful suction capability, it needs to have the right kind of filters to trap the dust particles that are of smaller micron size. This is necessary to prevent allergens from being released in to the air. Acronym for High Efficiency Particulate Air, HEPA filters refer to the use of the right kind of filters that will trap dust and fie particulate matter of small microns. It is the particulate matter of very fine micron size that is responsible for triggering allergens in a large number of individuals. By opting for a vacuum cleaner like Shark APEX DuoClean that has a good filter you can ensure that the air is clean, and the vacuum will not release any dust into the air.

#2 Low noise levels – Imagine having a vacuum at home that operates with great noise. It certainly will not be a very good experience. Hospitals and healthcare centers need to clean the premises as a matter of routine with possibly the highest frequency in cleaning routines. Cleaning operations in such circumstances need to be silent and efficient. Regardless of location, it is necessary for vacuum cleaners to be as silent as possible when being operated.

#3 Cleaning of particles of various sizes – A good vacuum cleaner is one that will clean particles of all sizes. Some of the models of vacuum cleaners may not have the options to pick out particles of all sizes and this can be a serious handicap for use in all places. It is therefore necessary to choose a vacuum, cleaner that picks both small and large sized particles with the same efficiency and speed.

#4 Easy handling options – Vacuum cleaners are not very lightweight, especially models that are designed to function with heavy duty operational capability. It may be difficult for a user to compromise the functionality of a vacuum cleaner in the search for a lightweight model. Therefore the best option is to choose one that has designs which make it easy for operating. Pick a cleaner that has detachable cleaning heads, which will make it possible to use the cleaner over all types of surfaces without having to struggle with the weight of the cleaner.

A good cleaner should move smoothly across all surfaces. For instance, the vacuum cleaner needs to smoothly clean bare surfaces and should also clean carpets without experiencing friction.

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