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Top 6 Things to Keep in Mind before Buying a Bed Frame

Believe it or not, a bed frame plays an important role in the bedroom. A bed frame is not just a piece of furniture that supports your mattress. It is the partner that every mattress should have to improve your mattress performance. Aside from ensuring your good night’s sleep, it can also enhance the look of your room without going overboard. After all, the bed is typically the centerpiece in the bedroom more than mattress support.

But how prepared are you when it comes to choosing the best bed frames? In this article, we will give you the top things to keep in mind before you raid the stores. By knowing the basics, shopping can be much easier for you so read on.

1. Space

Before you waste your energy on dropping by every bed frame store you see, think about your bedroom space. If you haven’t tried getting the dimension of your room, you might want to start there. Before you pick a King-sized bed frame, keep in mind the layout of your room including all your stuff.

Whether you’re redecorating or moving into a new house with an empty room, this would help you decide before shopping. Depending on the amount and sizes of furniture you have in the bedroom, your bed frame can be affected too.

2. Size and Dimension

Once you measured or at least estimated the extra space in your room, take note of this bed frame aspect. The size and dimension of the bed frame stand a must, especially if you already have a mattress. In the case of the latter, you have to take note of your mattress’ size to make sure that it fits. Otherwise, the frame can either be too big or too small for your mattress which loses its main purpose.

If you don’t have a mattress yet then the size may also depend on your bedroom space. Although many manufacturers have the same size chart, others have their own which can be confusing for first-time buyers. Thus, it is vital to know the exact size and height of the bed frame you need. Some sizes are designed for kids, single adults, and couples to ensure that customers get their deserved sleep.

Your size is another thing to consider so you can stretch out your body and occupy as much space you need. If you share a bed in a big room, a Queen or King-sized bed frame is ideal. This will give you plenty of space to move without disturbing your partner in deep sleep and vice versa.

3. Materials

The materials of bed frames vary from wood to metal. Some even include leather even if it is made of genuine or synthetic leather which can cover the wooden frame. This leather material can also vary in color while the frame is made of hardwood to make it durable. Wooden bed frames existed since the 14th century where intricate designs are usually carved on solid woods. Oak, pine, walnut, mahogany, and maple are just some of the trees that are used in wooden bed frames.If you weigh on a heavier side,you must be mindful about strength and go for a heavy duty bed frame.

To get rid of lice and insect issues, iron or steel bed frames were also introduced in the 19th century. Today, wooden and metals bed frames come in different shapes, sizes, and designs to accommodate different types of sleepers. Regardless, be sure that it is made from the best materials to ensure its sturdiness for safety and practicality.

4. Design

Wooden and iron/steel bed frames come with different types of designs from simple to elegant. If you don’t want it to look out of place in your room, match it with your room’s interior. Aside from the mentioned points above, look for a bed frame that also complements everything in your room. This includes your wall paint, flooring, curtains, and other furniture.

It can be the center of attention in the room while the rest look simpler to make it more appealing. To make it a piece of art more than a simple haven, you can also have it customized. Buying a customized bed frame will help you make sure that it matches your mattress and your room.

5. Functionality

Your bed frame can be more functional if you only know what you want. Thus, it’s worth keeping in mind if you want it to have storage anywhere around the bed. It can be done by installing cabinets or shelves on each side of the bed and the footboard. It is also possible by increasing the height of the bed frame to have more space underneath. For those who want more private storage, the storage underneath the mattress can be opened by lifting the mattress.

If you sometimes receive guests but don’t have an extra room to spare, you can also get a trundle bed. Some bed frames already come with a trundle bed so you don’t have to worry about buying a separate one.

6. Budget

If there’s one thing that you should never forget in this list, it’s your budget. The average cost of bed frames costs around $200 though some can be as cheap as $90. The cost of expensive bed frames ranges from $350 to over $1,000 depending on their brands and features. Even if you don’t mind spending a thousand dollars on a bed frame, it’s still best to manage your finances.

There are lots of options that are available both in online and physical stores. If you don’t set a budget, you might end up overspending or buying a cheap frame. Besides, not all products that are marked “sale” can help you cut costs. Some are there just to lure and deceive customers.


Shopping for a bed frame doesn’t have to be so exhausting as long as you are equipped with some guidance. Although some may look the same, don’t forget to check the product description first. Don’t hesitate to ask the sales associates or the customer support team, especially if you’re not familiar with its construction.

If you’re buying a bed frame for children, increase your safety precaution and avoid those with sharp edges. Most importantly, make sure that its weight capacity can hold you and your partner’s in case you share your bed.