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Must-have Prescription Glasses for Women in 2022 – Elevate Your Style With These Fashionable Frames

Glasses aren’t just a practical tool to help us see; they are also a fun and fashionable accessory in their own right. For the style-conscious out there, accessorising need not stop at your handbag or shoe choice. Glasses can be a fun extension of your outfit to contrast with or complement your look. There are many styles of glasses out there, one to match every personality and preference. From thick, fully-rimmed frames to slender metal glasses, we go through the most stylish frames to perfectly match your aesthetic. We go through the different must-have prescription glasses for women that are sure to complement your personality and elevate your style.

Round prescription glasses

Round glasses have always been popular, even long before Harry Potter graced our screens as the boy who lived. From John Lennon to Jackie O, round eyewear is a staple in the fashion world which means it will never go out of style. To add an instant touch of retro to any look, round glasses are the ultimate accessory. This style of frame is most flattering on square face shapes, but of course, anyone can enjoy wearing round glasses. 

Square prescription glasses

Square glasses are some of the most popular around, and it’s not hard to see why. Universally flattering, this style is loved by everyone for its versatility and ability to complement outfits so well. There are a lot of variations to this trend, from softly curved edges to more prominent, straight edges; the square silhouette can take many forms. This shape will suit pretty much anyone and will add some interest and definition to your face.

Aviator prescription glasses

The aviator is another style of glasses that has stayed fashionable throughout the years due to its classic and interesting shape. Square, oval and heart-shaped faces will love aviators, as this shape helps to balance out the proportions and add dimension. Available in durable plastic or classic metal, pilot frames are a classic that was originally created for pilots to protect their eyes while they are flying the plane. 

Browline/clubmaster prescription glasses

Browline glasses have a stronger upper rim compared to the lower part; the lower part can be held together with metal or be rimless. This style was made popular by Ray-Ban with their famous clubmaster glasses, which are also available in sunglasses. Square and oval-shaped faces will look especially good in clubmaster glasses. This retro style will add a smart touch to your everyday look. 

Cat eye prescription glasses

A popular feminine style, cat eye glasses are particularly popular with women for their resemblance to the cat eye, of course. This style of glasses gained popularity in the 50s and has since undergone many modern variations; with more angular and short versions as well as oversized styles, there are plenty of cat eye frames to choose from. Rectangle and heart-shaped faces will be flattered most by cat eye glasses. Similar to this shape are butterfly glasses, although this is a more modern silhouette.

Hexagon prescription glasses

Hexagon glasses are another modern shape; this style has been increasing in popularity over the years, with many well-known and loved brands creating their own version. This silhouette is similar to a square, and so they also suit most people, making them a versatile option for women. Hexagonal glasses are a fantastic choice for adding a fashionable edge to your everyday look.

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