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Best Things to do in Dubai

If you are thinking of travelling to Dubai, do not miss this article with some ideas and things to know about your Dubai visit.

What to see in Dubai?

1. Visit OLD Dubai

Every trip to Dubai should start with a visit to the oldest part of the city, known as Old Dubai. Here you will discover what Dubai was like in its beginnings and you will get impress by the characteristic vibes of the Middle East as when you walk through its markets (Souks), its pathway and the streets full of shops selling spices, fabrics and jewellery. The visit will not take more than one morning and it will really be fascinated. Here you can also enjoy Mega Yacht Dinner Cruise Dubai.

2. Downtown Dubai

After visiting Old Dubai, you will be ready to be amazed by the modern wonders of the city, starting with Downtown Dubai. Only here are three of the largest attractions in the world: I) the tallest building in the world; ii) the largest dancing fountain in the world; and iii) the largest shopping centre in the world.

3. Burj Khalifa

This building does not need any introduction. I am talking about the tallest building in the world, which skims the sky with its 828 m high: the “Khalifa Tower”.

I recommend that you arrive in Downtown Dubai in the afternoon with kids so that you can appreciate this building both day and night. By day, you can see its silver structure as well as the details of its construction. At night, you can see the largest LED screen on the building, in which different images full of colour are projected. And if you visit it before March 30, you will be able to see the world’s largest LED light show, which takes place every day at 10:00 pm.

Now, the Burj Khalifa can not only be admired from the outside, but you can also admire it from inside, observe the whole city, as it has a viewpoint on levels 124, 125 and 148. The best time to climb is the sunset; it is because the price increases during that time.

Once you get off the Burj Khalifa, you will be ready to see the next attraction: the Dubai fountain show.

4. Dubai fountains

As I said, only in Downtown Dubai there are three of the biggest attractions in the world, and one of them is the dancing fountain show in Dubai. This show happens every day, every half hour, from 6:00 pm to 11:30 pm. It is a beautiful show that cannot be missed.

And if you go up to the Burj Khalifa at sunset time, you can admire the fountain show from above, that although you may not believe it, you can see perfectly.

5. Dubai Mall

Right next to the Burj Khalifa and the fountain show, there is the Dubai Mall, the largest shopping centre in the world. It’s so big, that in a day it’s impossible to go through everything.
Here you will find what you would never have thought to see in a shopping centre and less in a desert: an aquarium with the largest acrylic wall in the world; an ice skating rink; and a simulator of the world’s largest aircraft (the Airbus A380). In addition to all this, the best brands in the world are here, as well as exclusive cafes and restaurants.

But if you want to enjoy one hundred percent of everything Dubai Mall and Downtown Dubai has to offer, and if your schedule allows it, avoid visiting this area on Friday and Saturday. It will seem curious, but the weekend here is Friday and Saturday and the mall is bursting. Dhow cruise Dubai marina is a great means to enjoy beautiful views of modern Dubai..

6. Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab means “The Tower of the Arabs” and its construction resembles the sail of a ship.

Contrary to the rest of the hotels, this building can only be entered if they have a reservation in one of its restaurants and bars. But for me (and this is a very personal opinion), the beauty of this building is outside.

Other things that you should not visit during your Dubai Visit:

During your visit you should not miss the Yacht Rental Dubai and Desert Safari Dubai. Hope you will surely visit these places during your visit.