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Pros And Cons Of Solar Water Heaters In 2021

If you plan to renovate your house or just wonder about the best choice among water heaters, the solar powered water heater might be an excellent idea. Yet, like other systems, and units, they have their benefits and some pitfalls. By finding a contractor, you can learn whether it fits your household. Or, you can read the guide below to understand the main characteristics of a solar water heater.

Finding a Contractor to Decide on a Solar Water Heater

How does a solar water heater work? A solar water heater works thanks to the obvious fuel – the sun. As you may guess, it is free of charge but such systems may require from you a fortune of money still. Let’s first start with the benefits of these units.

Benefits of Solar Water Heaters

1. Lowered heating bills. 

Unlike PV systems, a solar water heater may promise you some savings on the heating bills. In simple terms, they provide users with extra free hot water basically every day, and it adds some savings over some time. The main idea is to finding a contractor to be guided on how to choose the right brand, and type for such savings.

2. Low Maintenance

The next benefit of a solar hot water heater is low to no maintenance needed. By finding a contractor, you may occasionally replace the antifreeze fluid or have your unit inspected just to be safe. Beyond that, such services are needed not every year. Then, a solar water heater may serve you more than 15 years with no trouble.

3. Amazing Environmental Help

These systems are environmentally friendly compared to gas water heaters. Your unit will be linked to reduced emissions. So, it all caters to a reduced carbon footprint. While your gas units may cause leakages which will harm the atmosphere as well as your health.

4. High Efficiency

A solar powered water heater is linked to high efficiency. Approximately 80% of the radiation is converted into heat energy. As a result, you have your water heated, and do not wait for it to be accumulated in the designated tank/container.

5. Less Space Required

Finally, such systems are roof-mounted, so they won’t take much space and won’t distract your eyes, strange it may sound. By finding a contractor, you will be recommended on the spot to install the unit the best.

What About the Pitfalls of a Solar Water Heater?

Do not think that such units are only a pleasure. Looking ahead, one major thing which may make you stick to other water heaters is the price. Let’s see in detail.

1. Upfront Costs

Even by finding a contractor, you will be first informed about the high upfront costs of such units. For instance, one or another brand that provides such systems may charge you from $2000 to $9000. Yet, you may be offered some incentive from the government which will with time return the part of the cost contributed.

2. The Work Depends on Climat

Since a solar water heater fully depends on its fuel – sun, you won’t find it as a good option for areas where the sun is very rare. Still, do remember that even when sun is rare, it can work but experts will recommend you other systems. The same precaution concerns other climate conditions. Your solar panel may be greatly affected during heavy rains, snow, and even natural disasters if they are in your area of living.

3. It Fits Only Heating Your Water

You cannot use a solar powered water heater for powering other domestic appliances. The sole task it performs is heating your water. If you want to have such units for electric purposes as well, you should stick to PV systems.

4. High Repairing Cost

Finally, you should not think about these units if you run out of cost. If a system is damaged, the cost involved in a repair may shock you. On some occasions, some issues or malfunctions are not eligible for any repairs as well. So, if you need a unit that will serve you for a long time without any problems, electric water heaters are a more reasonable choice.

The Bottom Line

If you live in a sunny area deprived of natural disasters or unexpected climate changes, a solar water heater is a perfect choice. By finding a contractor, you can decide on the best brand and then proceed with the roof-mounted installation. Then, you should stick to this system, if you are not afraid of high upfront costs, and possible issues repair that may make you throw money down the drain.

Prior to purchasing it, use solar calculators, and check how much you can potentially save with these systems in your area. Or, by finding a contractor at Contractorfinder, ask for all estimates of installations, and potential savings with your heating bills.

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