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13 Tips to Improve Your Kitchen Décor

A modern kitchen is not only functional but also decorative and expressive. Kitchen décor, unfortunately, can age relatively quickly. In a decade or less, what was once thought-provoking trendy décor can be rendered dull and dated. You may be in desperate need of a remodel if you haven’t decorated your kitchen in a while.

By improving your kitchen décor, you turn it into a room you’ll be excited to prepare, cook and bake food. The beauty about décor is that it’s much more affordable than replacing appliances, kitchen countertops and adjusting the overall layout. Any kitchen is a high-traffic room, so put it on display properly. Find the right mix of kitchen décor complete in minimalism and sleekness.

Use these following tips to improve the wholesale home décor in your kitchen, complementing the appliances and floor layout you already have.


A kitchen has a lot of heat, moisture and is a superb place for your favourite plant and planter. Ceramic, brass, bamboo, and cement are all materials popular in planter design. Plants emphasize eco-friendliness and natural beauty and are perfect for a kitchen where fruits and veggies are the routines.

Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are not just tools to enjoy a coffee or tea in. On display, they can make for clever home décor in your kitchen. Coffee mugs can be shaped like animals, be single-color minimalism, have inspiring phrases, or use unique abstract patterns across their exterior. Though simple in appearance, a coffee mug will blend in well with the background of any kitchen.


Your kitchen backsplash can either be bare or turned into an affair. With peel-and-stick tile, a kitchen backsplash can be made to resemble any finish. Easy to install and cost little in comparison with other similarly drastic changes you can make. A bonus is whatever you do with your backsplash; it doesn’t take up space.


A fast way to improve your kitchen décor is to strip it of any branding. Take cereals, oatmeal, and pasta out of their store-bought boxes and bags, and transfer everything into stylish kitchen canisters. The minimalism of single-color canisters helps to simplify the kitchen space while also removing tacky or undesirable logos.

Open Shelving

Cabinets are like little boxes. They can take up more space than they need to, especially in small kitchens. Open shelving is a better option. It puts your kitchen décor on display. Pots and pans are easier to retrieve on these types of shelves as well. It’s a great way to turn everyday kitchen items into décor.

Plates & Bowls

So long as you have open shelving, something as simple as plates and bowls can be unique décor pieces. You don’t just want plain white or black bowls. No, look for artistic designs and imagery. Flowers, lemons, strawberries, birds, and butterflies offer lots of colors and beauty. This imagery will look elegant on an item like a plate or bowl.

Display Tray

There’s nothing more delightful in a kitchen than freshly made baked goods. A multi-tier display tray is a chance to put on display your favourite foods. Be it baked goods, cakes, cookies, or whatever you enjoy. A tray is a way to entice people into the kitchen. It also guarantees that appetites aren’t out of control in the house.

Tea Towels

Make your kitchen yours. Coffee mugs and tea towels are another kitchen décor opportunity that can blend in color, quotes, phrases, or imagery in line with your personality. Tea towels aren’t inherently meant to be on display, but whether they are hanging somewhere or folded clean, they contribute to the room’s overall feel.

Soap Dispenser

Take your dish soap out of its store-bought container and put it into a soap dispenser in line with your kitchen décor. A soap dispenser can be simple such as a converted mason jar, or lean towards the luxury of crystal and chrome. Ultimately, a soap dispenser can be less costly, making it one of several inexpensive ways to transform your sink space.

Natural Materials

Aim for an eco-friendly kitchen. Find more natural materials to put in and move out any unnecessary plastics. These include bamboo cutlery, steel straws, and glass bottles. These kitchen-friendly materials are not going to clash in style. They can be used together in aesthetics, from luxury to farmhouse, vintage, mid-century, minimalist, smart tech, and more.

Wine Rack

If you love wine, have a few bottles out on display. Even if you have a drink once every six months, the look of wine bottles in a rack can add a lot. They make wine racks as small as four bottles wide. It can even be mounted on a wall if you’re short on available space.

Color with Ceramics

Ceramic stoneware is a beautiful element to use in your kitchen décor. A collection of ceramic cups and bowls in the same color can assign your kitchen a personality before you do anything else. Consider the different stoneware colors that exist in your kitchen. Think about what can be done with them in the context of your space.

Wall Decals

Large kitchens can often mean dull, unoccupied walls left to accumulate dust and stains. A statement wall can use decals, wallpaper, or kitchen-safe materials to deliver a unique artsy feel that infuses the room with vibes. If you’re looking to create a statement kitchen piece, try doing a whole wall like a backsplash.


Group loose kitchen items, such as cutlery, kitchen utensils, spices, coasters, dried goods, baking goods, and more. Create stations. Place these groups into cups, containers, and canisters. By re-organizing objects you have, you can redecorate your kitchen décor design to be more intentional.

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