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6 Reasons Why it is Always a Better Decision to Choose Sofa Cum Beds over Normal Sofas

Not everyone has a huge house but it is not necessary to have a huge house to throw parties all the time or have guests over. You just need to be smart and have the appropriate furniture to have a seating area or resting area for a lot of people. One such furniture is the sofa cum bed. It is a type of sofa which can be extended into a bed. There are many factors which need to be addressed, before buying a sofa cum bed but in most cases, it is always advisable to buy a sofa cum bed instead of a normal sofa.

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Reasons as to why the sofa cum bed is better than a normal sofa

  • Versatility: The first and the most important point would be versatility. A sofa and a sofa cum bed take almost the same amount of space in their original sofa form, but and this is where it gets interesting, a sofa cum bed can be extended into a bed for additional leg stretching place or to be like a bed to sleep in. There is by no means a replacement to beds but they can be a substitute if and when required. Therefore it can just be a sofa or just a bed, whichever you need.
  • Comfort: A sofa cum bed will always be more comfortable than a normal sofa. Not only because it was additional is space but a sofa cum bed naturally a bit bulky. Which is because of its additional layers. As a result, it has much more fillings and has much better suspension as compared to a normal sofa.
  • Size: A sofa cum bed needs to be bigger than a sofa because of obvious reasons. It becomes a bed! Hence many more people can sit on it comfortably. It also acts as an Achilles heel to the sofa cum bed. Due to its size and weight, it’s difficult to be moved around.
  • Space: A sofa cum bed has a lot of space available when compared to a normal sofa. Since it can be extended into a bed, a lot more people can sit on it. Also, more than one people can sleep on it if required. This is especially very useful for people who do not have a guest room or a lot of seating space for a large group of people. A sofa cum bed is a boon for them.
  • Design: One of the best things about a sofa cum bed is that you do not have to design it differently. Any designs you want on a sofa can be given to a sofa cum bed.
  • Varieties: There are a lot of varieties of sofas but in case of a sofa cum bed there’s all those and plus some more. The extra designs refer to the various way in which the slider bed can be designed, for example, bi-fold or tri-fold.

A sofa cum bed is a very good utility tool which is a must-have for homes with and without a lot of space. In case you are interested to buy one you can look at the sofa cum bed designs at Urban Ladder and while you are at it don’t forget to check their latest t.v. unit designs for hall purposes.