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Cryptocurrencies have attracted many people since they appeared. They are a virtual currency that you can get on the internet and can use it there. It is not controlled by any institution so it is depending on the demand of the market so the value can hover. Let’s go in detail and find which countries have the most cryptocurrency holders. You can invest in bitcoin trading using bitcoin trend app


The US is leading in first at holding most of the cryptocurrency holders in the world. There is a large no of exchanges, mining and many crypto-related projects that’s why the US has most of the cryptocurrency holders. Another thing is that the US has a large population which makes it first.

San Francisco is a city in the USA from where you can buy bitcoin from ATMs. Several places in the USA accept bitcoin. Florida consists of 45 bitcoin ATMs.

The USA is also a country that consists of the largest number of bitcoin ATMs and most users of cryptocurrencies.  The behaviour for cryptocurrencies in the USA differs state to state with some states having favourable conditions like Texas and some of these regulations aren’t favourable, like New York.


The UK also consists of the highest no of crypto exchanges located. The number of people living in the UK is not much.  London the capital of the UK has 100 bitcoins ATMs and so many people using cryptocurrency.


People here do not have to pay tax on any income which they have cryptocurrencies.

As Singapore is a very well politically stable country anyone can develop business without any risk. There are many shops in Singapore that accept payments in cryptocurrency.


According to the research, Buenos Aires comes in second place when it comes to the number of Bitcoin trades. The country consists of 30 trades that accept bitcoin and there are more than 100 merchants who accept bitcoin. It has made good growth in the field of digital currency from the last two years. If you are traveling there you can pay it with bitcoins.


In Canada, there is a particular no of people who are interested in cryptocurrencies.

Vancouver is the country that started regulating them.  Vancouver is the place where the first Bitcoin ATM started. There are almost 40 ATMs from where you can take bitcoin.


Prague is the only city with most vendors which accept bitcoins. Czech has made the law that they need the identity of the customers who take part in currency exchange.


There are places where cryptocurrencies are accepted in small towns. In Amsterdam, there are more than 30 merchants who accept bitcoins.  Only in Arnhem, there is more than double the number of bitcoins accepting business than Amsterdam itself.


It became famous because of the Malta blockchain; you can see many blockchain figures speak. Malta has also signed a statement about blockchain promotion.

Let’s talk about some other countries where the cryptocurrencies are popular and having growth. Switzerland consists of some banks which function related to cryptocurrencies.  As we can see many countries are gaining more understanding of cryptocurrencies and showing much interest.

More and more countries are coming into crypto trading, some of them are increasing trade while some of them are modifying their regulation which will be more stable for cryptocurrency users.