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How to Download a Bank Statement in PDF Format?

Both Individuals and business establishments require bank statements for multiple purposes such as record keeping, filing GST returns every month, or utilizing it as address proof for carrying out further procedures. A bank statement provides a brief overview of your financial transactions linked to your bank account for a while. The bank statement is supplied to the bank account holders periodically.

For the past many years, each institution insisted on a hard copy of the bank statement signed and stamped by concerned banks. In this digital era, the majority of the corporate entities and government departments are accepting e-bank statements provided by the banks. So, you have the option to download bank statements online in PDF format.

What is a Bank Statement?

A bank statement is a summary of financial transactions over a set period i.e. normally monthly basis. It consists of relevant bank account details such as account number, a comprehensive list of deposits and withdrawals.

How does It Work?

The concerned bank furnishes a bank statement to an account holder that exhibits detailed activity in the account. It enables account holders to view each transaction processed in their accounts. The majority of the banks issue a bank statement to each account holder every month.

Why Is It Necessary to Check Bank Statements Daily?

  • Keeping track of bank account statements would help you save fees especially if you are paying additional fees.
  • It is crucial to defend against financial fraud.

Download Bank Statement from Email

Nowadays, banks send bank statements of transactions carried out on a monthly basis to the registered email id of customers. Email is normally sent during the initial week of the month and features a bank statement of the previous month. Now we shall discuss how to download a bank statement by following few simple steps:

  • First, activate the app on your registered email ID (Gmail/yahoo)
  • In the search box, input the keyword ‘bank statement’ and bank name. For instance type ‘bank statement SBI’.
  • Now locate and open the mail from the search result.
  • All bank statements are password protected. Read the instructions accordingly to open the PDF file of the concerned bank’s statement.
  • Now download the file and activate using the given password.

Download Bank Statement from Desktop

  • First, open the webpage of the email client
  • In the mail, input the keyword ‘bank statement’ and bank name in the search box
  • Locate and open the required email from the search result.
  • All the bank statements that are generated via mail are highly secured and password protected. Go through the instructions carefully to download the PDF file of the bank statement.
  • Finally, enter the password to download the bank statement in PDF format.

Download Bank Statement using Net banking

If you are using the net banking facility given by the concerned bank, then there is no need to visit the nearby branch to download a bank statement. To download the bank statement in PDF format, you have to follow the below-mentioned steps.

State Bank of India

  • First, activate SBI online banking portal and login into your account.
  • Choose My accounts>Account Summary>Account statement
  • Now select the duration for which you require the bank statement and the type of report.


  • The first step is to open the ICICI bank net banking portal and login into your account.
  • Select the detailed statement
  • Choose the duration/period
  • Finally, click the button ‘receive statement’

Bank of Baroda

  • Activate the Bank of Baroda portal and login into your account
  • Access account>operative accounts>account query
  • Now choose the duration for which you require the bank statement and select the option ‘statement’
  • Finally, choose PDF and select Save which is available from the bottom drop-down menu.

An alternative way to download a bank statement

CSV Bank Statement:

You do have the option to download your bank statement in a comma-separated value (CSV) via online banking.  Comma-separated value (CSV) is a file format that is meant to preserve data. You may use the spreadsheet program like Google sheet, Microsoft Excel, or even Apple numbers to create or edit a CSV file.

How to Download from Online Banking?

  • Download each transaction from the bank account in CSV file format. If you have several bank accounts, then download a file for the bank account separately.
  • It is better to split the file if it exceeds more than one thousand transactions.
  • Now save each bank statement file to the computer in .csv format.

If you are not able to download a bank statement in .csv format, then create your import file by following these three simple steps:-

  • First, download the bank statement import template file
  • Input the bank statement data into the file
  • Finally, save the bank statement file to your PC in a .csv file format.


So by now, you have got familiar with different ways to download bank statements in PDF format. The above-mentioned are some of the best options to save a considerable amount of time rather than visiting a nearby branch to receive a hard copy of the bank statement.

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