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How to Reach Your Destination Hassle-free?

Given the increase in traffic, it has become essential to find routes with less traffic. It helps reach a destination within time or ahead of schedule. What if you had assistance that will help you choose the best way to your destination? What if we said that it will help you reach easily avoiding most of the traffic?

Optimization has become an essential tool in every industry and in life. It helps in planning life easily and prepares every action with ease. When we speak about optimizing in the manufacturing sector, it helps a company reduce costs, improve quality, and provide the best product to the consumers. When it comes to traveling, implementing optimization helps one reach their destination without any hassle.

The traveling industry includes personal and professionals. The professional will have numerous sub-categories, which operate according to the industry. For instance, a courier company must plan the stops based on the deliveries for a selected region. With proper optimization, it is possible to chart the route map to efficiently reduce delivery time and functionality. Such an approach earns applauds from the customers and the company that partnered with the service provider for the deliveries.  

Route Optimization

The next thing to come into the picture is route optimization. You will be using this to plan your routes that help in efficiently complete a day’s task. Not only will it assist in reducing the number of turns, but it also reduces fuel consumption.

The optimization helps in determining the cost-efficient route, whether it is personal or for professional use. You might be wondering that you could simply use a navigation map and head to the destination. But, there is much more to the optimization. There are several factors included when finding an optimized path between two locations. These include:

  • The number of intersections
  • The number of turns
  • The left-hand turn while crossing the line of traffic
  • The nearest driver available or the best one to dispatch to the route
  • Traffic congestion

The Best Approach to a Stop

The software uses several factors to come up quickly with an optimized route map. For instance, a single vehicle with ten stops has 3,628,800 possibilities to reach the destination. When you are operating five vehicles, the number jumps to 37,267,043,023,296,000. It is why a computer algorithm, along with advanced heuristics, comes to assist in choosing or displaying the best choices.

The Software and The Benefits

Both Vehicle Routing Problem and Travelling Salesman Problem help in portraying route optimization. It is the software that comes to the rescue of the user. It calculates all the what-if scenarios and provides the best possible solutions between two destinations that are cost-effective and resourceful.

The best use of the route optimization software is for the businesses and distributors in the delivery operations. The software makes it simple for the companies involved in this field to chart out a map or plan according to the availability of drivers daily. The plan makes it possible to decide on ETAs and improve customer satisfaction.

If there are multiple stoppings to the destination, using the optimization will make it easy to choose the one that is efficient and cost-effective. As the software will add live traffic congestion while calculating the route, you will benefit from it and make the necessary changes accordingly. Such as act is not possible when you do not have a live traffic congestion feature. It makes you go through the trouble of waiting and delivering goods lately.

The software helps planners, dispatches, and route planners to calculate efficient routes for the drivers. It allows the drivers to head to their respective destinations with ease, even if they have multiple stoppings. The software further offers the tools that help them make changes to the plans based on the operational windows and real-time situations. When you integrate the route optimization software with GPS and fleet management program, you will achieve success and benefit by reducing unnecessary costs.

How to Select the Ideal Route Optimization Software?

Most drivers are aware of route optimization software and how important it becomes in their daily schedule. However, what makes it difficult for the planner is selecting the right software. Although a few provide free and most effortless solutions to reach a destination, they are not good at changing the courses according to real-time situations and with hundreds of stops.

Straightaway route optimization is an excellent application for drivers who have multiple stops to make. The software uses artificial intelligence, data analysis, and other algorithms to provide accurate route maps between point A and point B with multiple stoppings. The app is beneficial because of the following:

  • It provides support for unlimited routes.
  • Drivers can add up to 500 stops between two locations.
  • A driver can see the route map as a bird’s eye view for a clear picture of the optimized route.
  • With traffic updates, address detection, and updates, one does not require leaving the screen.

Users can click a picture of the stops rather than enter manually or capture the shipping label’s image. What makes Straightaway unique is the various factors that it considers before it presents the route. It considers traffic, weather, elevation, road conditions, construction sites, and over 130 data sources to develop the best real-time course to the destination.

The app helps even a personal driver to choose the best and cost-efficient route to reach a destination. It enables any driver to cut the working hours and stress by providing a noticeable difference. Every second saved by a driver will help lessen traffic stops and jams, which goes back to the customer and helps provide a meaningful service.


Every second is valuable in the landscape of delivery operations, which is becoming competitive. With optimized route planning from Straightaway, you will regain minutes, hours, and days. With more deliveries per day, you will be achieving your target and satisfying your customers. Route optimization is here to stay and improve an organization. The app’s breakthrough technology will help anybody start straight away, save hours, and complete tasks without any hassle.

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