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FAQs About Duct Cleaning

You might have heard about duct cleaning before, but not know much about it. It’s likely that you have many questions about what duct cleaning entails and why it’s necessary. Below, this article provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions relating to duct cleaning services in Melbourne.

What is Duct Cleaning?

Often confused as vents, ducts are passages used for ventilation to distribute air throughout buildings. Ducts provide ventilation air as well as regulating thermal heat inside buildings. This ensures acceptable air quality while maintaining the comfort of all occupants. Air duct cleaning is the process of cleaning the ventilation system of a building. This process can involve the removal of dust and contaminants in the ducts, heat exchangers, fan housing, and other components.

When Should I Clean My Ducts?

Many homeowners are unsure about when they should clean their ducts, leading to many systems being neglected. However, it’s recommended that you should clean your ducted system on an annual basis. Additionally, you should also clean your ducts if:

  • You’re a new homeowner –Duct cleaning can get rid of dust, microorganisms and chemicals. To reduce allergens and irritants when moving into a new house, duct cleaning is a must. It can also come in handy if the previous owners were
  • smokers.Your household has pets – Homes with pets should arrange regular duct cleaningto get rid of pet fur, hair and dander that can accumulate in the ducts. This can help to increase the quality of air in your home.Other reasons – Other reasons for cleaning include if your system has been contaminated by water or damaged for any reason

What Are the Benefits of Duct Cleaning?

Having your ducts cleaned comes with a range of advantages, including removing unpleasant odours, improving airflow, and creating a cleaner and more hygienic living and working environment. Duct cleaning can also reduce the strain onyour ducted system while removing mould, fungi and odour particles from your ducts.

How Long Does Duct Cleaning Take?

Most companies offering duct cleaning services in Melbourne run on different schedules. However, it can take up to 8hours to clean the average four-bedroom house. Such a clean can involve two professionals working their magic throughout the ducts to leave them sparkling clean. However, it’s important to note that every system will vary in terms of size and cleaning requirements.

How Are Duct Cleaned?

There are a number of different systems used for cleaning ducts. For instance, some companies use a rotating brush system that uses a rotating brush to thoroughly clean the ducts. The brush scrubs the duct and vent surfaces to remove dust and air.

There are also other methods that use highly compressed air to blast debris from inside the air ducts. The method used will depend on the company you choose.


Duct cleaning services in Melbourne are essential for any home or office with a ducted system.If you’ve noticed signs that your ducts are dirty and causing health problems, it’s important to arrange professional cleaning at your earliest opportunity.