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Why Plumbing & HVAC Preventative Maintenance is Important

There are many benefits to scheduling preventive and routine maintenance for your plumbing and HVAC unit. Especially in Arizona, where we see extreme temperatures in the summer, you want to make sure everything is working efficiently and correctly before any issues start.

What is Preventative Maintenance?

You don’t want to wait until you have an issue to have a Mesa plumber AZ come and inspect your pipes or a technician inspect your HVAC unit. Routine maintenance can help stop issues before they become a big problem, which can end up causing you unnecessary stress and money. Regularly scheduled check-ups will help you avoid dealing with costly damage, help improve performance, and prolong life of plumbing equipment and pipes as well as HVAC units.

Plumbing Preventative Maintenance

When it comes to your plumbing, you should have it routinely checked at least once a year. Since we rarely see freezing temperatures in Arizona, you could get by just by having preventative maintenance conducted once a year. During a routine preventative maintenance check-up, a technician will check your water heater, faucets, toilets, sinks, drains, valves, pipes vents and pumps. They will be looking for any leaks, corrasion, loss of water pressure, along with any issues with water temperature.

HVAC Preventative Maintenance

In Arizona, you will want to get your HVAC checked twice a year. In the Spring, have your air conditioner checked before the heat comes. Routine maintenance will ensure that your unit is running efficiently, saving you money on your electric bill. During your preventative maintenance check, your technician will check the filters and vents to make sure they are clear of debris, check coils and links for any clogs, check for leaks, and test thermostats. In the Fall, your technician will make sure your unit is still running properly after the extreme heat and make sure your heater is ready for the cold temperatures that we sometimes see in Arizona during the winter months. Your technician will inspect for gas leaks, clean filters and vents, check the gas pressure and heat pumps, and examine all heat elements.

Rainforest Plumbing and Air

Serving Phoenix and surrounding areas in Arizona, Rainforest Plumbing and Air takes pride in employing the best plumbers Mesa AZ and HVAC technicians. Rainforest Plumbing and Air takes preventative maintenance seriously and will put you on a schedule to ensure that your pipes and units are working effectively and efficiently, saving you time and money.

Rainforest is also always open to help at all hours of the night. That means if you are having a plumbing issue at midnight, Rainforest will be there to fix it. They can also come to fix faucets, garbage disposals, hot water heaters, clogged drains, residential AC units, commercial AC units, thermostats, and more. All of your plumbing needs can be easily scheduled 24 hours a day so that you can rest easy knowing that only the best plumber is available with just a click or phone call away.