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A Guide to Garage Door Installation

If your garage door has endured over two decades of wear and tear, then it is time that you think about installing a new one.

You can choose to install your garage door yourself or take help of professional companies. There are many professional companies, that you can seek help from.

You can look up these companies online. Say for example if you live in Blaine, you can search for garage door services Blaine, Minnesota and you will come up with the results instantly.

If you are going for a DIY installation, then take a look at our garage door in-stallation guide. It will give you a clear idea as to how to remove the old door and install a new one.

How to Install a Garage Door – Step by Step Guide

Step 1:Release the Tension

The first step is to release the tension in the torsion spring. Clamp adjustable locking pliers on the shaft of the torsion spring and wedge the pliers against the top wall above your garage door.

Now, you can see four holes in the spring winding cone. These are meant for loosening and tightening. Insert a steel rod through one of these holes. Holding down the rod tightly, start loosening the screws that are holding the winding cone in its place.

Step 2:Disconnect the Door

After you have released the tension from the spring, it is time to disconnect the door. Start by removing the door panels on the top and then remove the hinges and then finally disconnecting the track from the doorframe by unbolting or unscrewing it.

Step 3:Install New Door Panels

Now it is time to start installing the new door. If it is a two car door start by placing a reinforcement bar at the top panel of the door. Now drill out pilot holes to secure the bar and attach new hinges to the top and axle support to bottom of each panel.

Step 4:Secure hinges and install track

Secure top halves of hinges to the panels above it. Place wheel axles into the top and bottom axle supports and into the side of the hinges. Install the track by attaching brackets to the track pipes and placing them against your garage wall. Attach the door cable to the bottom panel through the hook on it.

Step 5:Attach Spring Assembly to Track

Attach the spring assembly to the track. You can take help of the instruction manual here. Now, rest the track’s curved part on the vertical strip and attach the free end to the ceiling bracket.

Step 6:Bolt Tracks Together

Attach both the horizontal and vertical track together and tighten the bolt as firmly as you can. Make sure you use the correct size of bolt while fastening the tracks.

Step 7:Install the Springs

Locate the center opening and mark it properly on the door header to attach the spring support. Now attach the anchors of the spring support to the spring subsequently attaching it to the locking cone.

Step 8:Install Torsion Rod and Pulleys

In the side header bracket, slide in the torsion rod and make sure that it is se-curely fixed and then you can attach pulleys on both end of the rod.

Step 9:Attach the Door Cable

Attach the cable to the wheels of the pulley on both sides of the torsion rod. Turn the wheels to make sure that the slack is tightened over the pulley. Now tighten locking pliers outside the bracket to prevent the rod from turning.

Step 10:Tighten the Springs

The final step is to tighten the springs. You can again take help of a steel rod to tighten the spring like you used it to loosen it. Once the required tension is achieved you can remove the pliers.


Here you have it, a DIY guide for installation of a garage door. You can take help from this article when you are planning on installing a garage door by yourself.