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What You’ll Need for Your Next Corporate Event

Planning corporate events can be a great way to build rapport with your team and create a stronger sense of unity in the workplace. If it is your first time planning for such events, however, it can feel overwhelming to figure out everything you will need to make it a success, especially as you return to work during a pandemic. Though each office event will ultimately be personalized and different, keeping a few key things in mind can allow you to ease into the process at your pace.

Plan for the Venue and Budget

Look into potential venues based on what you are planning for the event itself. Try to work with a rough estimate for a budget in mind, as this can be a good way for you to branch out into other locations. Are you thinking about visiting another city? Are there some local venues that can provide you with the space and atmosphere that you are looking for? Use each to adjust for the other, as it becomes easier to plan for a venue when you have a budget in mind, and the budget starts to solidify once you know what to expect from your venue.

Food and Snacks

After you have the venue and budget planned, you can start looking into catering for food and snacks. What you choose here will depend largely on the event itself. Is the event scheduled to be an expo where you can showcase your company’s developments on a larger scale? Is it smaller and geared more towards managerial arrangements? How long will the event be going on for? Work the catering into your overall budget to plan efficiently, especially if there is a package you can work with for the venue.


Think about what types of amenities you would like to have present during the event itself. This can be an especially important way to bond with your employees and establish a stronger understanding of your workplace’s culture. When shopping around for amenities, try to think of things that will be universally appreciated. Where possible, try to aim for memorability as well. This can include trips with your team to different city landmarks or the involvement of shuttles and other transportation options for easier event access.

Customized Gear and Gifts

As the event starts to wind down, you want to give your employees and visitors something that they can take home with them. Things like custom wholesale t-shirts and other thematic gear can be a great way to add memorability to the event itself. According to the experts at Bagmasters, ‘If you’ve got an office full of employees who might not travel to conferences and off-site events regularly, swag items can be a great way to show how much they are appreciated. Any item can be used to build culture and boost morale, and even used as a way to welcome new employees to the office.” Clothing is always a good option for the future of your event, but it can also be recommended to invest in other equipment like mouse pads or mugs. Think about what will leave the most lasting impression regarding your company’s practices and services.

Like any planning process, it is vital to take the event’s theme and your employees into consideration. Do not be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to setting up your next event.