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Smiling Staff – 5 Great Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy

Most employers know by now that a happy team equates to a productive one. However, knowing that you must go the extra mile doesn’t mean you always know how to do so. There are several ways in which to keep your workers happy, so you may like to consider these options below.

Treat Them

From time to time, and when your staff least expect it, it’s nice to offer them a treat, gift, or reward. You can go all-out with corporate gifts at Christmas or on a work anniversary, or you can provide lunch shouts, free staff room muffins because you can, and any manner of other goodies during the working year. You don’t have to have an excuse or reason to treat your workers, but doing so can mean the world to them. A happy worker who feels appreciated will reward you tenfold with productivity.

Offer Incentives

There is only a two percent correlation between how happy your worker is in their job and how much you pay them. That means you could offer your worker a top-tier income, but it would make them no happier in their work. It tends to show in their performance which can have a dramatic impact on their productivity. Incentives can be quite attractive – monetary or not. The trick is to empower your staff, give them a purpose and reason to excel, and drive them forward by offering several pots of gold throughout the rainbow, not just a large one at the end.

Listen Up

Many business owners and managers can be distant from their workforce. Even though you are running your business, you may see your team as figures on a spreadsheet – earning you money, or not as the case may be. Rather than scratch your head and wonder why your department’s productivity is not as it should be, listen to your team. Find out what they think they could do better, where your business is failing them, and what problems they are having. A lack of communication and listening on your part could be the reason why your team isn’t happy and is not performing as a result.

Promote Happiness and Health

Over half of American workers are not happy at work, which is an alarming statistic in any industry. Even though it can be hard to be satisfied when you have to work, and you’d rather be on a tropical island somewhere, there’s a difference between that kind of happiness and hate for your job. It’s your job as a manager to promote a positive working environment. Be flexible with hours, offer remote working opportunities where possible, and ensure your team has access to services to help with mental and overall health. Most importantly, be a caring and kind manager.

Consider Team Building Activities

The social networks of your workplace can make or break your employees’ happiness. If your staff is not connecting on a social level, their work can suffer. Gain a positive connection with team building activities. Several businesses across the US offer a range of activities that help to strengthen bonds, build trust, and break down barriers of communication. Take advantage where possible.

Keeping your employees happy is about more than giving them a regular paycheck. You have to go the extra mile and make sure they feel valued, appreciated, and needed. By trying out these options above, you may notice not only a change in your employee positivity but in their productivity as well. Never underestimate the impact of staff happiness in the workplace.