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Generous Growth – 6 Winning Gifts to Keep Your Employees Motivated

The festive season is over. However, in the workplace, the giving spirit doesn’t need to be discarded like that old, withering Christmas tree. Happy employees are productive workers. Numerous studies conclusively show that people are not motivated purely by money. In fact, many team members may find a non-monetary incentive more rewarding than a bonus or raise. So, whether you’re recognising outstanding achievements, acknowledging personal or professional milestones or simply saying thank you for all their hard work, here are some simple gestures you can make to show your employees that they’re valued:

1. Something from the Heart of the Company

Practical gifts are appreciated by most people, especially if it’s something they didn’t even know they needed. As their employer, your staff will love practical corporate gifts like stainless steel coffee mugs, well-made tote bags, or clothing that features your company’s logo.

If you decide to go this route, be sure you choose something that’s well-made and useful to avoid inadvertently labeling yourself a cheapskate.

2. Gift Cards to Local Stores

Gift Cards
As good as a cash bonus, gift cards to local stores are almost always appreciated. Giving a gift of this nature allows the recipients to use the money to buy anything they want, which comes in handy during the holiday season when the money runs tight.

Walmart gift cards, Amazon gift cards, and gift cards to local grocery stores are good choices for almost anyone. Alternately, you could allow your employees to choose the gift card they prefer, giving them even greater freedom.

3. Dining in Style

Dining in Style
Another gift that goes over well with workers is a complimentary meal at a nice restaurant. Choose somewhere that they wouldn’t necessarily take themselves and treat them to a special experience with a friend or loved one. Your lucky staff members will feel spoiled and special and return to the office re-energized and ready to go the extra mile for the team.

4. Paid Time Off During the Holidays

Not many companies can afford to close their doors for extended periods anymore, especially during the holidays. However, you would be amazed at how many team members would jump at the chance to earn themselves additional days of paid annual leave as a reward for exemplary performance. This gesture helps them to achieve a better work-life balance, which is as healthy for you as it is for them.

5. Hamper It Up

Few things can beat the thrill of a huge, generous hamper laden with delectable goodies landing on a worker’s desk. Hampers have become a massive industry precisely people have such an overwhelmingly positive emotional response to them. Your staff will be no exception, should you choose to communicate your appreciation for their efforts in this way. The sheer variety of hampers means that they are also perfect for milestones, such as if an employee gets married or has a baby, so choose the one that’s right for the occasion.

6. Flex is Best

Offering employees the chance to work from home or telecommute in recognition of excellent performance is a win-win for all parties. Like paid leave, people love the enhanced balance that telecommuting brings to the lives, and this leads to higher levels of motivation and loyalty to the organization. For you the employer, you can rest easy knowing that working from home has been conclusively shown to increase staff productivity.

Staff loyalty and satisfaction are a crucial part of your management strategy and can have a profound positive impact on your bottom line. Any of the gifts or perks on the list above will let your workers know how much you appreciate their contributions throughout the year.