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Here’s How To Throw A Bachelorette Party

Throwing a bachelorette party is an amazing honor. You have the opportunity to create an ever-lasting memory for the bride and everybody in attendance. 

That said, because the stakes can be so high here, too, an awful lot of pressure can come with the position. It’s natural to feel nervous – it just means you care! But it’s important to work through those feelings and provide the best bachelorette party you’re capable of organizing. 

Remember, you wouldn’t have been bestowed with this honor if the bride didn’t believe in you. So, with that in mind, here are some tips to help you throw a great and memorable bachelorette party.

Consider Collaborating with Professional Planners

Good news – you’re not alone in throwing a bachelorette party, even if that’s how it seems. You may have no experience planning these occasions, and that’s okay. 

Why not tap into the know-how of some reputable experts? Some professionals pride themselves on creating Instagram-worthy bachelorette weekends in different regions. They have a broad portfolio of successes regarding these events, and using them as consultants and collaborators will ensure that you never run out of ideas, always stay on budget, and never take on more than you can handle.

Bachelorette parties can have multiple wheels turning at any point. There can be different phases of the occasion to get through as well. Everything should run as smoothly as possible to keep the party’s momentum going and ensure there’s never a period that’s a bit flat. Professional planners can give you many ideas, but they also ensure everything will be feasible. 

Of course, support of this caliber offers plenty of peace of mind too. While many people can get stressed planning the bachelorette party, you’re supposed to enjoy them too! So, keep that in mind as you go, and if you feel a little bit of your depth, help is out there! 

Design Wonderful Invitations 

The bachelorette party is a big deal and certainly invitation-worthy. So, designing those is a great way to get the ball rolling. 

Invitations have many advantages. As you might expect, they can provide people with dates, times, and locations, but there’s more to them than that. A bachelorette invitation shows that you’re taking your responsibilities seriously and that the occasion is of special significance. It can be like an appetizer before a lush meal, whetting people’s appetites for more.

Moreover, a bachelorette invitation can be many things. They can be detailed and very formal or lighthearted and whimsical. Invitations set the tone for the occasion and create a sense of connection and feeling for everybody receiving them. It’s exclusive yet classic, appealing to all.

The design of your innovations doesn’t need to be old school and can feature whatever you and the bride might like. Create your bachelorette party invitations with the help of Greenvelope, as they have hundreds of design templates to pour through. After choosing one, you can play around with colors, fonts, the envelope, and more. Everything needs to be perfect, and that includes the invitations!

Establish a Theme

The themes of bachelorette parties can be fun and exciting. They help everybody establish expectations and prepare for a particular type of celebration.

Fun themes for bachelorette parties include the following:

  • Beach weekend. 
  • Spa day. 
  • Boho bash.
  • Garden dinner party.
  • Bride’s final fiesta. 

Each theme can come with its own assortment of dress codes, party games, cuisine, and alcohol. It gives the entire party a framework to operate within and can also help you focus your organizational efforts. The bachelorette party will feel more cohesive and contained rather than something thrown together at the last minute.

Plan Games

Bachelorette parties can be full of fun and games, irrespective of the theme you’ve chosen. There’s a lot to get into.

If everyone involved is a drinker, staples like bachelorette roulette will get everybody laughing quickly. It’s not just the game itself but the possibilities it leads to, like lighthearted banter, drunken slip-ups, and lifelong memories. Games like these almost never get boring.

Of course, not everybody is a drinker today. So, it’s important to include activities that include everybody. A scavenger hunt can pique people’s interests, keep everybody active and moving, and interweave a nice little narrative for parts of the day. Scavenger hunts can be nicely structured and procedural, too, potentially making them a bit easier to organize.

Prioritize the Bride’s Interests

Bachelorette parties can be planned by a maid of honor, a group of bridesmaids, or even just a smaller group of very close friends. Even the fiancé has been known to take charge by surprise, too. However, regardless of which category you fall into, it can lull you into a false sense of ‘knowing what’s best’ if you’re not careful. 

For example, some planners develop ideas like ‘surprising the bridge by kidnapping them for x amount of hours’, which is a huge gamble if you’re not completely certain your friend will be on board with it. If things go wrong here, not only is the party ruined, but significant strain can be put on relationships too. 

Consequently, it’s best to ask the bridge what she’s comfortable with first and what activities she might like. If she’s a fan of surprises, you could always offer a range of options or ask a mutual friend you share to enquire secretly on your behalf. That way, she may never know what you’re up to. 

Ultimately, though, the party is about her. You shouldn’t lose sight of that at any juncture and use that fact as a frame of reference for every planning decision you make. 

Lighten Up

With some exceptions pertaining to things like emergencies or unforeseen circumstances, your ‘organizer hat’ should come off the moment the bachelorette party is underway. You need to be having fun, or else others may feel something is off. 

While it may be tempting to stand in a corner with a clipboard and tick off parts of your to-do list, you’re one of the girls! The bride is the leader, but you’ll be viewed as a leader in some respects too. Your attitude and energy can reinforce or contradict the tone of the bachelorette invitations, so try not to worry, let loose, and have lots of fun!