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3 Crucial Tactics for Cleaning Buildings

Cleaning buildings, especially high-rise buildings, is no easy task – it requires planning, coordination, and special equipment (if not cladding installation and industrial abseiling). The problem is, you can’t exactly go without cleaning your building – if it is a business complex, it’ll deter clients and will be more expensive in the long run, and if it is a personal house, it won’t look good for your friends and family. That’s why you must periodically clean your buildings and keep them in tip-top shape – here are a few crucial tactics you need in order to be successful when cleaning the interior of your building.

Should You Hire Employees to Take Care of Cleaning?

While this might sound like an expensive and impractical option, if you really consider the alternatives, you might change your mind.

If your building is small and doesn’t require much effort, there are many agencies that can offer to send someone over to clean your house once or twice a week. The hourly rates aren’t high, they’ll come with all necessary cleaning equipment ready, and they’re fully trained and ready to clean. They’ll finish in an hour or two, and it’ll cost you less than a hundred bucks. The alternative is you buying all the equipment, learning how to clean, and then spending a substantial time each week cleaning.

If you have a bigger building, recurrent visits from a cleaner might not be enough to clean the building, and it’ll probably start becoming too expensive due to the time it needs to clean the whole building. This might justify hiring a cleaner for your building. This will probably be expensive at the start, because of all the equipment you need to buy. But over time, the costs will diminish and you’ll get superior service. If you care about making your building impeccable, you should hire a cleaner.

Invest in Training

Focusing on training is vital if you want cleaning to go smoothly and your house to look clean. This applies either to you if you decide to do the cleaning yourself, or your employees.

If you’re going to clean the house yourself, you might think signing up for training might be useless, but that’s just not correct. While most of us know how to do simple cleaning tasks well, it usually takes us a lot of time. We’re quite ineffective, and the cleaning isn’t at all professional. While you need to invest some time and money into the training cost, you’ll most likely see an improvement in your cleaning speed and get better results. This will amount to you spending less time cleaning, which will be worth it.

Investing in training for your employees relies on a couple of factors:

Would it be cheaper to just hire a more experienced employee? If you can hire an experienced employee cheaper than training an inexperienced one, then there’s no need to train them.

What do you expect from the training? While they’ll generally do a better job and become faster if you train them, if your employees are underworked, there’s no need to help them become faster.


Choosing the equipment is a careful balancing act between efficiency and cost. It’s no secret that buying a lot of specialized cleaning equipment will make cleaning faster and more efficient, but it might also cost you quite a bit of money.

If you’re doing the cleaning yourself, before buying a piece of equipment, ask yourself how much time would it save you. If you find out you’ll save 2 hours of cleaning each week if you invest only $50 in a piece of equipment, then it is well worth it. On the other hand, if it isn’t going to make your life much easier, there is no point in spending money on it.

When it comes to employees, the same calculations apply. If you find out your employees can’t handle the job, and you need to hire someone new – maybe you should just consider buying some pieces of equipment that’ll make the cleaning process go faster.


This was a comprehensive guide looking at the key areas involved in keeping your building’s interior clean. Of course, keeping your building’s exterior clean involves different strategies and hiring different agencies that provide cladding or rope access services.