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5 Tips for Selling a House

In today’s housing market, it is a seller’s market. The amount of people that move to Florida daily is around 900, and 330,000 new residents have decided to call Florida home between April 2020 to April 2021. With so many people moving to Florida, this makes slim pickings for home buyers. Thankfully, for those who are looking to sell their home, now is a pristine time. Buyers will almost pay anything for a home when they want to live in that area. And, who doesn’t want to live in sunny Florida? 

If you are thinking about selling your home in this opportunistic market, there are some tips you can follow to sell your house without a hitch. 

1. Empty Your Closets

One of the number one things that buyers are looking for in a home is storage. Most people have many things that they do not want hanging around their homes, like holiday decorations, shoes, clothes, and random keepsakes. Therefore, take a look at your closets and do your best to clean them out before a showing. Not only do you want your closets clear, but you want to make sure they are clean, too, so get out those Clorox wipes! If you do not have much closet or storage space, cleaning out your closets will help make what you have appear more prominent and favorable to home buyers.

2. Let the Light In

Another feature home buyers want in their home is for their home to be bright. So, do what you must to make sure your house is bright and cheery. Cut the shrubs outside of the house, open up the blinds, and you can even go as far as buying brighter bulbs. You want the people you are selling your home to have that extra wow factor and think, “I could live here!”

3. Hire an Informed Agent

The worst that can happen to you as a home seller is finding the wrong broker. You want to make sure that the broker you choose is thoroughly informed at all times about your home and its surroundings. You want to make sure they are informed on the multiple listing services, know the properties for sale, and know the comparables between houses in your neighborhood. The way to ensure that you have an informed broker is to hire one that uses technology. 

4. Stage Your Home

One of the biggest deters of someone buying a new home is when they cannot imagine themselves living in it due to all the prior owners’ belongings being around. You, of course, do not want your sale to go south because of having your family photos everywhere, clothes lying around, and personal items. Therefore, you should try to stage your home with only the essential furniture needed to “show off” your home’s features, rather than looking like someone already lives in it. 

5. Make a Good Impression

In reality, homebuyers have already judged your home before entering through your door. It is essential to make a good impression on home buyers even before they walk in the door. So, do what you must to make your home feel welcoming and safe. Making a good impression may include adding that extra touch to your porch by re-painting the swing or hiring a lawn service to make sure the house looks extra appealing. 

If you are looking to sell your home and are in a rut, there are many places you can find at Thankfully, you have the market on your side for now.