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5 Ways to Make The Dark Home Brighter

You are looking to light up your home in a big way or just interested in adding a little here and there. There are a few simple steps you can take to light up the room and make your space look bigger and brighter by using these simple and easy tips as guidelines, you can achieve a more colorful space without doing a total room remodel or overspending.


Colors play an essential role in the appearance of your home. Obviously, the lighter the color, the more brightness potential your room will have. Pastel colors are perfect if you want to lighten the space and add a bright, airy feel to the room. If a lot of natural light comes in, choosing a more polished, the bolder color might be a good option for you. Pastels combined with a lot of natural light can often be removed, so depending on how many windows or skylights are in the room, you can choose your color intensity based on that. Staying away from dark browns or blues will help your room feel restricted.

Natural Lights

If you don’t have a lot of natural sunlight and changing the color of the wall is not an option, you can add splashes of color that will help brighten up the home instantly. If you have a mostly brown or tan room and would like to brighten up space, one option you can go to is to introduce some gold into the room. Whether it’s gold lighting fixtures, gold accent pieces, or even gold-toned pillows, gold will help reflect light, add color to the room, and brighten up the overall space. Good accent colors also include blues, reds, yellows, and greens in brighter hues.

Light-colored rug

Many times, a dark rug or a pulled rug can tear down a room more than you think. If you have hardwood floors at your home, removing a dark-colored rug or add a lighter colored rug can brighten up space. Wood floors themselves do a good job of reflecting light, but if you need a mat to prevent scratches, choosing one that’s made in lighter and brighter colors can help you open up the overall space. If you are considering a new rug, selecting a light neutral color or a brighter shade (depending on the color of your wall) will help spice up the home.

Light color curtains

If you have a lot of windows in the room, thinking about light and airy curtains can help accentuate the windows, as well as allow them to let in more light. Many people choose dark colors for their blinds or shades, and simply lightening these shades can make a big difference. If you have dark-colored blinds or curtains, changing them to white or complementary color for the room will allow more light to enter and further accentuate the window area.

Mastering a room with different lighting fixtures will definitely make your home brighter, but it can be too much (especially if your space is small). If you have a decent-sized room, you don’t need a lamp on every table, but it’s important to make sure you have a device that provides enough light for the room. Many small decorative lighting fixtures are great accent pieces, but having them alone in the room isn’t enough to brighten you up when needed. This is especially important if it is a study or study area that is generally hidden and does not receive much light. By making sure the fixtures in your room provide enough light at any point during the day, you will never have trouble having to work or play in a dimly lit area.